Learn any language, any time with uTALK

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uTALKDublin Public Libraries welcomes uTalk, a new and innovative way to learn a language. This programme uses verbal, visual and fun exercises to teach language and increase your chance of success. By stimulating both sides of the brain at the same time, the visual \ memory (right brain) and the verbal (left brain). This dual process improves recall and learning dramatically. Adding a fun element helps release the neurotransmitter chemical dopamine. This keeps you motivated and improves memory recall.

uTalk is used extensively in schools and colleges in the UK. Most importantly of all, students can learn from their source language. To celebrate 25 years of language provision uTalk launched a uTalk app which is available to use on all platforms. It has also worked with Emirates  airlines to provide in-flight language tutorials. uTalk covers over 130 languages through 123 source languages. Levels cover very basic to Intermediate plus.

Access From: Anywhere
Access How: Registration required. Must register at the Open Learning Centre in person. You will be given an access code which will enable you to unlock all languages.
Mobile App? Yes - all platforms
Support: support@utalk.com

For further information contact the Open Learning Centre, Tel. 01 8734333 (ext. 4)

Learn any language, any time on any platform with uTalk.

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I am looking to brush up on my Spanish language knowledge (now that I have a bit of time) I see you offer it all language support facility but you need to register for it in person. Is there any way I can gain access now that all libraries are closed ?

Kind regards

Hello Fiona, all the information you need is in our blog http://www.dublincity.ie/story/learn-new-language-online-resources.  Kind Regards

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