Learn a New Language

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Mango Language LearningWould you like to learn a new language? Maybe you would like to brush up on a language before an interview or even a holiday. We can offer you lots of language opportunities in our libraries, at home, and even on the go on your mobile phone or tablet.  You can learn a language by coming to an informal conversation exchange, you can learn online with Mango Languages and you can borrow language learning books/CD/DVDs.

Mango Languages is an online resource that teaches real conversations in over 70 foreign languages. Use your library membership card barcode number to register and create a username and password. You can use Mango on your phone or tablet by downloading the Mango Languages app from your App Store.

Please note that once registered for Mango, you will need to follow the link from our website whenever you wish to login and use the service (i.e. bookmarking the Mango page will not work).

We hold a wide range of language learning CDs, DVDs and books for adults and children, please check our library catalogue, or ask at your local library.


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