Learning is fun with a good book!

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PeekabooThere are many books available through your local Library that contain interactive aspects to help you as a parent teach your children about different concepts.  These concepts can range from learning about colours, numbers, animal names to letters of the alphabet, potty training – the list is endless! Maria Sheahan (Librarian & Book Club Facilitator) illustrated how fun and learning can go hand in hand by choosing this book type for both clubs along with appropriate songs and rhymes.

Baby Book Club

Peekaboo in the JungleWe had great fun with last Tuesday’s book choice, ‘Peekaboo! In the Ocean’.  This book contains a lift-the-flap feature on each page.  This interactive element allows babies to learn about ocean animals whilst playing the game Peekaboo. Maria taught the group a funny action rhyme entitled ‘Peekaboo! I See You!’ to accompany the book.  We’ll cover a similar book next week entitled ‘Peekaboo! In the Jungle’. 



Toddler Book Club

What's the Time, Maisy?Giraffes Can't DanceWhat’s the Time, Maisy?’ by Lucy Cousins was read by the Toddler Book Club last Tuesday.  This is a fun-to-learn book which features a clock on each page that children can play with whilst listening to the story of Maisy’s daily routine.

Building self-esteem and confidence are the themes of our next Toddler Book Club session on the 14th of March.  We will read ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’ by Giles Andreae and Guy Parker-Rees.  This story is about a giraffe named Gerald.  Gerald really wants to join his other animal friends at the jungle dance but feels he can’t dance as well as they do.  The story is all about Gerald’s journey towards embracing and celebrating his differences.  By feeling better about himself, he gains acceptance from his friends.  ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’ is a very entertaining story for a parent/minder to read.  It will also educate your child how to develop healthy emotional awareness and social bonds with other people.

See you all next week!

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