Music PAL provides better access to Music Library collections

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Music PALHow can Music PAL help you?

Are you a musician, music student, music teacher, composer, researcher, or simply pursuing a special interest of your own?

Music PAL helps make music resources in a broad range of libraries throughout Ireland easily accessible to all. The Music PAL scheme includes 16 public, 10 higher education, 3 conservatoire and 6 special libraries throughout the island of Ireland, a total of 35 institutions in all. Many of these hold broad collections of various sizes, while others (such as the Irish Traditional Music Archive and the Contemporary Music Centre) focus on specific musical genres.

You can ask for a Music PAL Access Card at the Music Library in the Central Library. The Access Card will allow you to visit and make use of the facilities at any of the libraries that are members of the Music PAL scheme (subject to certain conditions).

How do I get a Music PAL Access Card?

It’s very simple:

  • Complete the Music PAL Application Form available from the Music Library and present it to the staff at your library with evidence of your library membership
  • Visit the library or libraries which have the material you need and present your Music PAL Access Card.

Don’t forget … if you need a specific book it can be obtained for you through the Inter-Library Loan system and you may not need to travel to another library.


Music PAL is part of the ‘Pathways to Learning’ programme initiated by the Committee on Library Cooperation in Ireland (COLICO), which aims to create a seamless route to information resources by opening up access to a wide range of library and archive collections – national, academic, public and specialised. It also hopes to build an effective resource discovery tool for music collections through use of the RASCAL database (Research And Special Collections Available Locally).



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