Musician in Residence, the story so far.

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Riona Sally Hartman“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” Victor Hugo verbalises it best, throughout the ages, music has played an outsized role in Irish society. From the bards of old, regaling stories and legends through song and verse to our ancestors, to the modern artists of Phil Lynott, Sinead O’Connor and Hozier who tell their stories to the world.

Music can be seen by many as the pastime exclusive to people who are graced with natural ability for it. Our Musician In Residence, Ríona Sally Hartman, aims to show us otherwise, striving to bring music to all. Ríona is a vocalist, composer, educator and bandleader who performs and composes in English and Irish. She releases original music under her own name including her debut album Big Starving Thing as well as performing with many projects including IMLÉ, Monster Monster and The National Concert Hall’s Education and Community Outreach Ensemble. Ríona has been documenting her song writing experience in several vlogs that break down the seemingly daunting process into easy, more manageable steps. Ríona’s songs are inspired by library users who share with her their heartfelt stories about their experiences in Dublin.

Ríona is also involved with our Festival of History and will lead the Pop-up “Suffrage” choir in the foyer of Printworks, Dublin Castle (6/10/18) for a rendition of her new song. Currently a work in progress the song is being written specially for the festival in celebration of the 100th anniversary of votes for women. The song is inspired by Helena Molony seeing Maud Gonne speaking by the Custom House in Dublin one August evening in 1903; “She electrified me and filled me with some of her own spirit.” A further motivation behind Ríona’s song is to demonstrate the effect that people’s words can have and the ability we all have to inspire others to action with them. To get involved in this Pop-up “Suffrage” choir, join Ríona for rehearsals in Central Library, ILAC on Saturday 15th, 22nd & 29th September.

In addition to Ríona’s instructional vlogs, through Universal Class, you can avail of many different music and instrument lessons for free with your library card to assist you on your musical journey. Personal interaction can be essential for some in the learning process. Through clinics and classes run by Ríona, the programme will feature a variety of events from ukulele taster sessions and lyric writing workshops to digital composition and production workshops.

The aim of the Musician in Residence programme is ambitious. Libraries and music are not usually synonymous with one another and we aim to change that perception. We are lucky to have someone of Ríona’s talent to provide guidance for you through her vlogs and workshops. Additionally with our free online musical resources we hope to inspire you to pick up an instrument or put pen to paper on that next hit song and experience the tranquillity and peace of mind that comes with playing an instrument and song writing.


Riona Sally Hartman Introduction Thumbnail
Introduction to Dublin City Public Library's Musician in Residence

Riona Sally Hartman Vlog 1
Musician in Residence Songwriting Vlog 1

Riona Sally Hartman Vlog 2
Musician in Residence Songwriting Vlog 2 Judy

Riona Sally Hartman Vlog 3
Musician in Residence Songwriting Vlog 3 Judy

Riona Sally Hartman Vlog 4
Musician in Residence Songwriting Vlog 4 Seven Sweet Plums


Interview with RTE Arena

Ríona Sally Hartman interview on RTE's arena discussing her role as Musician In Residence.





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