News from Nelson: The Imposter!

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Nelson's Pillar exhibition roomI was snatching forty winks on the plinth, drowsing in the warmth of the Reading Room, when I heard one of the students saying: ‘Nelson looks very well in the Exhibition Room doesn’t he?’  What?!  Was there an imposter elsewhere in the building?  Well that woke me up smartly.  That night, I manoeuvred myself off the plinth (with some difficulty) and took the lift to the ground floor where the Exhibition Room is.  And there it was: my very own Pillar made out of cardboard, with not just one, but four copies of my very own statue.

It was not an imposter – rather it was a tribute to my own goodself.   On looking around, I saw that the back wall of the Exhibition Room was covered with an enormous photograph of Sackville (now O’Connell) Street, in the early twentieth century.  These people, going about their daily round, were about to get caught up in the conflict of 1913-23.

Nelson's Pillar exhibition room

I don’t think I told you about the Exhibition Room before – it’s here that we hold displays relating mainly to the history of Dublin. At present, there is an exhibition titled ‘Suffragist City: Women and the Vote in Dublin’ marking 100 years of women’s suffrage (Jan-Feb) and this will be followed by ‘Irish Women and the First World War’ (Mar-April).   The 90th anniversary of the Dublin Gate Theatre will be celebrated by an exhibition ‘Aspects of Micheál: Mac Liammóir and the Dublin Gate Theatre’ (May-June).  The Dublin Camera Club will hold their annual exhibition here in July 2018 and this will be followed in August by a photographic essay on the Silk Road.  September sees a display to mark the 200th anniversary of the Mendicity Institution, a charitable body based at Usher’s Island, which was the site of a noted battle during the 1916 Rising.  Finally we return to the First World War, with an exhibition referencing its conclusion (Nov-Dec 2018).


Nelson's HeadAbout Nelson's Head

The Head from Nelson’s Pillar is on display in the Reading Room of Dublin City Library & Archive.  As Admiral Nelson is a valued member of staff, we have invited him to write his own monthly blog.

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