Norwegian Crime on the Rise!

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Jo NesboI just recently finished reading 'The Leopard', the latest novel from Jo Nesbo, the Norwegian crime writer often compared to Steig Larsson. He was recently in Dublin and in conversation with Irish writer John Connolly in Easons, and I was thrilled to be able to attend and hear him speak. Also got a signed copy of 'The Snowman', so am a happy camper!

Left: Jo Nesbo signing in Easons, Dublin City Centre. (click to enlarge)

The LeopardHis main character is Detective Harry Hole (pronounced who-lay, one of the things I learned from listening to Jo talking), and in this latest novel he goes from Hong Kong to Oslo, to Rwanda and the Congo. I have to say I do prefer the Norwegian scenes and his portrayal of the city of Oslo and Norway in general. I like his style of writing and the plot lines, and whereas this is not my favourite Harry Hole story, it still makes excellent reading. So I can highly recommend it.

Be sure to check out Jo Nesbo in the library catalogue and get to read him if you haven't already discovered this wonderful writer. And start with the first in the series to be translated into English,'The Redbreast'. Note that the first two in the eight book series have not yet been translated into English. Jo himself said the reason they have not yet been translated is that they were not based so much in Norway, and the publishers thought it better to start with 'The Redbreast' which, they believed, would have more international appeal.

*Update, 14th December 2012.

Just to list the titles in the Harry Hole series in the order in which they were first published, together with my star ratings.

  • The Bat Man (Flagger­mus­mannen - 1997) - not yet in English translation.
  • The Cockroaches - (Kaker­lakkene - 1998) - not yet in English translation.
  • The Redbreast (2000, English translation 2006) 5 stars
  • Nemesis (2002, English translation 2008) 5 stars
  • Devil's Star (2003, English translation 2006) 5 stars
  • The Redeemer (2005, English translation 2009) 4.5 stars
  • The Snowman (2007, English translation 2010) 4.5 stars
  • The Leopard (2009, English translation 2011) 4 stars


HeadhuntersI can't finish this update without mentioning his latest thriller, 'Headhunters', which is not part of the Harry Hole series, but has been receiving a lot of publicity nonetheless. Much of it because it has already been turned to film (in Norwegian, subtitled in English), which I think is likely to see release in Ireland in April 2012. And would you believe it, I just today got my hands on a copy of Headhunters, so looking forward hugely to reading it as soon as I am finished my current book ('A Thousand Splendid Suns').


Just updated this story about Jo Nesbo, listing the titles in the Harry Hole series, and also mentioning his latest thriller, Headhunters. So have a read! 

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