Quirky Reads from Bloomsbury

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Mrs Harris goes to ParisPublishers The Bloomsbury Group have a series of handy-sized books that are well worth taking a look at if you like a quirky read. The series consists of books mainly from the early 20th century, many of which had fallen out of print. Readers can suggest books they think should be revived. The series is attractively packaged, and contains some real gems.

Mrs Harris goes to Paris’ by Paul Gallico is the story of a London charlady who sets her heart on owning a Christian Dior dress, and scrimps and saves until she has enough money to fulfil her unlikely dream. Her trip to the House of Dior introduces her to new friends, adventures, and perspectives on life.


A kid for two farthings A kid for two farthings’ by Wolf Mankowitz tells of six-year-old Joe who buys a kid goat at the local market, under the impression that it’s a unicorn which will make his wishes come true. Very sweet, but not a bit sentimental, and really evokes its time and place of London’s East End in the 50s.



The Brontes went to WoolworthsThe Brontës went to Woolworths’ by Rachel Ferguson is about three sisters and the imaginary world they have created for themselves, and what happens when their real and fantasy worlds collide. You’ll need to completely suspend your sense of disbelief, but once you do it’s really engaging.  Very funny and charming, and full of eccentric characters.

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