Reading Champions Love Books!

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Taylor, Emma and Josh with the Lord Mayor of Dublin Oisín Quinn at the launch of the Reading Champions website. What do Bressie, the Dublin team and Eoin Colfer have in common?

They are all champions for reading! Singers, runners, footballers, and actors are among the well known personalities to give their support to, a new website which promotes positive role models for children’s reading.

Right: Taylor, Emma and Josh with the Lord Mayor of Dublin Oisín Quinn at the launch of the Reading Champions website.

‘Reading is one of the most important gifts a parent can give to their child’ said Dublin City Lord Mayor Oisín Quinn, speaking at the launch of the site: ‘Reading opens so many opportunities and possibilities to children. Not only is it a valuable educational tool it is also food for the imagination and soul. The Reading Champions website encourages and promotes reading to children by featuring twenty three well known people sharing their experiences of reading.  I want to congratulate the work of all the librarians involved in bringing this project to fruition, I know it will be a great source of inspiration for everyone who uses it” said the Lord Mayor.   

RTÉ News Today

The Reading Champions website,, is a joint initiative of a group of librarians from six different local authorities who asked famous writers, sportspeople and celebrities to say what reading means to them and to become ambassadors for children’s reading.

Watch Orla Walsh reporting on launch on RTÉ's News2Day.

Minister for Education and Skills, Ruairí Quinn, launched the website on Thursday 27th March. Speaking at the event in Pearse Street library Minister Quinn remarked: ‘The Reading Champions website is a celebration of books and reading which showcases people from a wide variety of disciplines who love reading and are happy to be seen reading; who take books with them when travelling, working and relaxing. These champions know the value of reading; whether it's for work or pleasure. They know the joy that books bring to their lives and they want to inspire our children to experience this joy too. The Reading Champions website offers a resource to schools and parents which can be used to help inspire this love of reading in children’.


View the slideshow below of photos from the launch:

Here's what a few of our Reading Champions say:

"Reading is a feast without calories; a holiday without travel sickness; a roaring fire on a freezing day, and a friend at your fingertips. Without books I’d die of boredom at least six times a day." Debbie Thomas

"The most interesting knowledge I have ever gained has never been from television or radio. The knowledge that has gifted me most in life always came from reading. To be able to create your own imagery in your head from words on a page is a beautiful thing. That's why I love reading." Bressie

"We play the game with passion and dedication. We train to keep our bodies fit and healthy. Books are what keep our minds fit and healthy” Dublin Football Team

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