Recommended on BorrowBox - The Essex Serpent

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cover'The Essex Serpent' brings the reader gently but inexorably into a fervent narrative. What is the Essex Serpent? Is it real? A scientific wonder from an earlier age, or is it a legend? A buried secret churning upwards? In this world, women and men do not meet in any clichéd way, but find shared purpose in the mystery surrounding the sightings. 

Sarah Perry gives us no easy answers and we learn a great deal about some of the medical advances of the time, and see what it might have meant to be subjected to them and survive.  Meantime the serpent spins its self onto drawings, hides under pillows, represents the Leviathan from the Bible, and refuses to be pinned down. Twisty and atmospheric, with a couple of gruesome scenes, our colleague Lucy enjoyed this book and she hopes that you will too.

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