Review of Missing by Barry Cummins

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readingEvery year there are approximately 9500 people reported missing in Ireland. Most of these cases are solved. Some aren’t. Unfortunately, at the end of every calendar year, some people become part of the long-term missing persons statistic.

book titleSince 1950, there have been more than 870 long-term missing persons cases in the Republic of Ireland. Many of these cases are not suspicious, but sadly, some are. RTÉ journalist Barry Cummins has spent much of his career following some of the most high profile missing persons cases in Ireland. In this new and updated edition of his book, Barry Cummins examines some of the most high profile missing persons cases in the state, including cases of women who were abducted and murdered during the 1990’s under strangely similar circumstances. He examines the possibility that a serial killer may have committed some of these crimes, has managed to evade justice and might still me at large. Could they strike again?

Missing by Barry Cummins is an authoritative and well-researched account into some of the most high profile abductions and murders in the state.

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