'Small Talk' at our Baby & Toddler Book Clubs

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Small talk: BedtimeAfter taking a break over the Christmas period, Ballymun Library book clubs were back with a bang last Tuesday! It was fantastic to see such a great attendance at both clubs with regulars returning and some new members showing up.

Small talk: At the ParkThe Baby Book Club was introduced to a series of books entitled ‘Small Talk’.  This series was set up by Nicola Lathey, a specialist speech and language therapist for young children and parenting journalist, Tracey Blake.  The books are illustrated with bright pictures.  The stories use lots of text repetition and are designed to develop speech in young children.  We had lots of fun reading Bedtime from the series and sang Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to accompany the story.

Next week, we’ll continue exploring the series by reading At the Park.


Toddler Book Club
It's Mine!Our book choice for last week was It’s Mine! By Tracey Corderoy and Caroline Pedler.  Stories are a great way of teaching your child about developing social skills.  In this particular story, Baby Bear has to learn how to share his toys with his friend, Lulu.  There are plenty of books in your local library about developing social skills and empathy with your children.  Please ask a staff member for assistance at any time or keep your eye on this blog for more ideas.

Hippo has a HatWe will be reading Hippo Has a Hat by Julia Donaldson and Nick Sharratt next week.  Julia Donaldson has written many famous children’s books including her classic tale, The Gruffalo.  This is another rhyming tale all about different animals dressing up in various clothes.

See you next week.  New members welcome!!


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