Space Week Reads for Kids

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Space WeekOur Planet, Our Space, Our Time: National Space Week is running from 3 – 8 October and to celebrate we have lots of new books about space for curious children and families to borrow. You can read all about famous astronauts Yuri Gagarin, Neil Armstrong and Chris Hadfield or discover weird and wacky facts about the sun, moon and stars to impress your friends! We also have some space themed events in our libraries during Space Week.

And once you've picked your library books don't forget to visit the Space Week website! It has lots of ideas and toolkits to help you bring the universe into your home. You can attend an event, go stargazing, make a spacecraft, a star lantern or represent the surface of the gaseous giants! Let Space Week take you "To infinity and beyond!"

Big BangSolar SystemRecord Breaking Earth and SpaceWhat's Inside Spacecraft

13 Planets: The Latest View of the Solar System  by  David A. Aguilar

100 Things To Know About Space  by  Alex Frith

Astronomy, Astronauts and Space Exploration  by  Clive Gifford

Record-Breaking Earth & Space  by  Jon Richards

Rockets And Space Travel: An Accidental History of Inventions  by  Jon Richards

Solar System    Collins

Space   by Paul Calver

Stars and Planets

Chris Hadfield and The International Space Station  by  Andrew Langley

Neil Armstrong and Getting to The Moon  by  Ben Hubbard

Sally Ride and The Shuttle Missions  by  Andrew Langley

Yuri Gagarin and The Race to Space  by Ben Hubbard

Galaxies and Stars  by  Ian Graham

Our Moon  by Ian Graham

Our Sun  by  Ian Graham

What's Inside Spacecraft  by  David West

The Night Sky and Other Amazing Sights in Space  by  Nick Hunter

Alien Worlds: Your Guide to Extraterrestrial Life   by  David A. Aguilar

The Big Bang and Beyond   by Michael Bright

Fact Finders: Space  by  Ruth Martin

Planets Far from Earth   by Ian Graham

Planets Near Earth  by  Ian Graham

The Science Behind Wonders of The Sky  by  Allan Morey

Wonders of the Sun  by Suzanne Garbe

Totally Wacky Facts About Exploring Space  

Totally Wacky Facts About Planets And Stars    

Astronaut: Life as a Scientist and Engineer in Space  by  Ruth Owen

Exploring Distant Worlds as a Space Robot Engineer  by  Ruth Owen

Destination: Space   by  Christoph Englert

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