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Staff PicksStaff in Raheny Library give their take on the books that have stood out to them the most in recent times.
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Cover of MixerCover of the Circle
The Mixer
Michael Cox
This is a fascinating and often funny look at the history of the premier league.  It looks at each season and details the defining moments and tactics.  

The Circle
Dave Eggers
If there is a candidate for a modern day version of Orwell’s 1984, then this is it.  It’s a thriller about a woman who gets a job working for a large social media company.  She rises through the ranks, but there is a heavy price to pay.

Cover of First HandCover of Dybek
First Hand
Eoin Hand
This is an autobiography of Eoin Hand, who managed the Republic of Ireland soccer team in the 1980s.  His playing and managerial career brought him to many teams in Ireland and abroad and the book is full of many well-told and often funny yarns.   

And now something from the relief staff panel:

The Start of Something: The Selected Stories of Stuart Dybek
Stuart Dybek
Before the brightly-coloured (mainly red) and broken pencils on the cover of “The Start of Something: The Selected Stories of Stuart Dybek” caught my eye in the Short-Story Section at Phibsboro Library I hadn’t heard of the author. Atmosphere, mood and the senses seem to seriously trump narrative in most if not all of these stories. ‘Waiting’ riffs on the experience of waiting. ‘A Minor Mood’ evokes the veiled world of Vicks inhalation. ‘Breasts’ is a roller-coaster celebration of breasts.
‘Ravenswood’ is the story of a bus journey but certainly not on the 32A. If you read one story from this selection make it this one.


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