Story Time project highlights benefits of reading with your children

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Story timeRegular reading at home with your child encourages the development of social and communication skills and improves your child's thinking, language and self-expression.

The fantastic Story Time Project aims to support reading at home and gives parents tips and suggestions on ways to read to, and with your children, such as putting on an animated voice to enliven characters.  Pausing to ask open questions such as “I wonder why.....” for instance encourages children to think, talk, ask questions, and relate the story events to their own life – thus internalising the language and using it in a context outside of the book.

This is different than the way most of us might read to our children – I read, you listen. This more interactive storytime is lots of fun and parents often find they learn new things about their children.  Parents are enthused because they understand that this is helping their children - and it is fun. Feedback is incredibly positive.

Childcare workers and teachers are enthusiastic as well. They use the books in the Early Years Centres each week in a fun way too, for example making porridge for the children as they read “The Magic Porridge Pot”.

Take a look at this great video by from a Story Time graduation ceremony this week:

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Story Time began in 2011, an idea of Joan Keily in Marino Institute of Education in association with Northside Partnership, Dublin City Libraries and with a number of schools and early childhood centres in the area. In 2015, Dublin City Public Libraries brought the project to the Ballyfermot area in association with the Ballyfermot Chapelizod Partnership.

A bit more about the project

Story Time is for parents and children from pre-school to junior infant age.  Taking part in Story Time is easy and fun. Story Time runs over a six week period, once a year for each group.

An initial information meeting is held at Marino Institute of Education / Ballyfermot Library. Here you will hear tips and suggestions on ways to read to, and with your children.  You are encouraged to join your local library and collect one book a week for five weeks which you read to your child.

At the end of the five weeks parents and children receive a Story Time Certificate.

The Northside Partnership report that parents who have taken part in Story Time find:

  • Their children’s language and vocabulary has improved
  • Their children enjoy reading more and have a greater interest in books
  • Their relationship with their children has grown stronger
  • Their children’s confidence has improved
  • The amount of time watching TV and DVDs before bedtime has reduced.
  • Books are now more likely to be given as gifts to children at Christmas and birthdays, by parents and carers

Marino Institute of EducationNorthside Partnership  Ballyfermot Chapelizod Partnership



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