Summer Stars Reading Inspiration: Non-Fiction

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Blog coverWe know that many of our Summer Stars love to read fiction, but we wanted to remind everyone that any book you read counts towards your Summer Stars totals!

Since this year’s theme is Space and Sci-Fi we have some excellent information books about space and the Apollo 11 Moon Landing in our libraries that will help you reach your reading goals and learn lots about space along the way. Simply click on the picture or the ISBN number to be taken to the reserve page to request a copy of the book. All you need to reserve a book online is your library card and PIN!

Beyond the Sky Beyond the Sky, You and the Universe by Dara Ó Briain, illustrated by Dan Bramall. ISBN: 9781407181882
Comedian and science buff Dara Ó Briain takes us on a journey through the known universe and answers fundamental questions, like what happens to astronaut poo on the International Space Station?

Walking on the Moon Walking on the Moon, Imagine you Were There by Caryn Jenner.  ISBN: 9780753444535
This year is the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission. This book helps readers to imagine they were there by combining eye-witness accounts from those involved in the mission with essential facts, photographs and illustrations.

Horrible Science Space, Stars and Slimy Aliens by Nick Arnold, illustrated by Tony De Saulles. ISBN: 9781407185422
This book is part of the Horrible Science series that combines information with humour. Follow Oddblob the alien through the darkest and most disgusting parts of our universe and learn why your guts might explode in space!

Record Breaking Earth Record Breaking Earth and Space by Ed Simkins and Jon Richards. ISBN: 9780750297738
This stunning book is bursting with fascinating facts about the earth and space, presented in a reader-friendly format with wonderful infographics.

Sapce Travel Space Travel – DK Findout Series. ISBN: 9780241358399
Part of the award-winning DK Findout Series, this book is packed full of facts, photographs and inspiring stories from the field of space travel. There is also a challenging quiz and a space quest game to play.

Super Sapce Super Space, First Facts and Flaps by Jacqueline Mitto, illustrated by Lon Lee (Campbell Books). ISBN: 9781529002805
This book proves that it’s never too early to try to spark an interest in space! Aimed at a young audience. It’s vibrant and informative content about the universe and space travel is presented in a ‘lift the flap’ format that really appeals to young readers.

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