Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker

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NutrackerThis Post was submitted by our Guest Blogger, Amy Connolly.

I recently saw a Christmas bucket list of things everyone should do before the Christmas holidays and one in particular caught my eye; see a live performance of Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker. This entry jumped out at me because I received tickets for my birthday to see The Monica Loughman Ballet School perform The Nutcracker in the Convention Centre, Dublin. Dublin City Public Libraries has many items in stock that will allow you to accustom yourself to Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker. There are children's books that will allow little ones to become familiar with the story behind this ballet and there are also CDs in the Music Library which allow you to hear the incredible and awesome compositions of this 19th century Russian genius. I particularly recommend Swan Lake for the uninitiated.

The performance was mesmerising. The dancers were dressed in beautiful costumes with a wintry theme complimented by the finely decorated scenery. A large Christmas tree covered in twinkling white lights dominated the stage from the moment the deep green curtains opened. The performance was filled with fun and wonder, a perfect Christmas night out.

The dancers were elegant in their movements; each and every movement performed with ease and exquisite precision. Seeing such talented ballet dancers perform you can’t help but be struck by the awesome visual impact this type of dance has. You find yourself thinking how impossible some of the movements appear. It is wonderful to experience The Nutcracker live; it is a feast for your eyes and your ears. Listening to Tchaikovsky music and seeing the beautifully choreographed ballet fills you with a childish excitement, which greatly adds to anyone’s Christmas. The performance of the Sugar Plum Fairy and her Cavalier is hypnotically spellbinding.

There is little more I can say, as words can't describe the beauty of the performance, as it is simply magical. This really does deserve its place on everyone’s Christmas bucket list. It is enjoyable for all ages, definitely something for all the family.



Hi Amy , Great that you enjoyed the ballet.

The Library has 54 items on the nutcracker. The Original EF Hoffman story books for children , books about the ballet and DVDs of he ballet. Something for everybody of all ages. A Great selection


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