Teddy Bears Take Over Cabra Library!

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Tedy BearForty very special teddy bears came to Cabra Library on Monday, 11th May for a teddy sleepover! The teddies brought their owners to the library where they all listened to bedtime stories, sang teddy bear songs and had a few snacks before they were tucked up for the night. Here are some photos of what the bears got up to around the library…

After their owners had left, the bears decided to explore. First of all, they did what all smart teddies do…they raided the fridge and the chocolate box. Once their tummies were full, they were ready for work. Some teddies had fun issuing books and reading stories, others did the crossword, a few decided to tackle the cleaning and the most adventurous of all took a trip on the mobile library van. After a long day of adventures, the teddies were finally tired and ready for bed. Shhh…..don’t wake them!

Library staff beware…these teddies could put you out of a job!

[Blog post by Lara Barry]

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Teddy Bear 1 . Teddy Bear 2 . Teddy Bear 3 . Teddy Bear 4

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