Theatre Lovett presents at Pearse Street Library

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Lovett PresentsSo, which absurd cat are you?

View slideshow below of photos taken during the forty-five minute workshop for 7- 10 year olds held in Pearse Street Library on Wednesday, 2nd July, the title of which was "Theatre Lovett presents... Which absurd cat are you?".

Renowned European quizmaster Karl Heinz Rumminegge is one of the world's deepest thinkers (he lives in a submarine off Hamburg). He leads an audience of armchair experts, artefacts, scientists and fans of nonsense through his own absurd quiz: Which absurd cat are you?

Known for his distinct and only mildly accented interview technique, Karl Rumminegge is also really famous. (You’ve probably seen him on TV.) One part vintage vaudevillian and one part European quiz show master, Rumminegge invites you to be led by the nose through a quiz you will find hard to remember.

This roving quiz master gently and painlessly quizzes his audience with inane and probing questions in his ongoing investigation of the Irish psyche. His European charm and deceptively slow wits make him a favourite with his many fans of all ages.

...or view on flickr.

Part of the Children's Art in Libraries Summer Programme 2014.

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