Walking Talking Books

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The Help'Let me tell you a story'...who can resist that invitation? With longer evenings and warmer weather I have no more excuses for postponing my 'fitness programme'. So out come my walking books and I am out the door with my favourite walking companion - an audiobook.

No more boredom, no more pedometer watching, no more short cuts. I can even go the extra mile and still look forward to the next walk. And the high moral ground is luxurious - exercise of body and soul!

Most narrators are superb and can take you right into the story, making you feel like a privileged insider. There is only you and another human voice telling you a story. Dialogue jumps into life with the skilled narrator taking on different accents and voices. Coming to the end is like saying goodbye to a person as well as a book.

Many books have an audio version - CDs or MP3. Most of the classics are available in audio format so this is also a good way of renewing an old acquaintance.

The Book ThiefThe God DelusionThe Virgin SuicidesHere are some audiobooks that I have enjoyed in the last year:-  

I would love to hear from anyone else who enjoys the experience of an audiobook. Please let me know your favourites!

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