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EncoreDublin City Public Libraries are joining with all the other public library services in Ireland to create one joint library catalogue, using a shared computer system. In the first phase of this project, Dublin City Public Libraries, along with libraries in Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown, Fingal, Kildare, South Dublin, and Wexford, are introducing this new computer system and making some changes which will help us provide a better service to library users.


*** To facilitate the changeover to the new system, the catalogue will be unavailable from Friday, 19th June. Our sincere apologies. As borrowers will not be able to login or renew items online during this downtime, fines will not be charged from 19th June until the online service is available again.

Please contact a branch library (telephone & email details listed) if you want to renew your loans or talk to a member of staff.


We’re still working on getting the catalogue up-and-running. Will update when we know more, apologies for the delay. (Updated Monday, 29th June, 4.55pm). ***

From late-June 2015:

  • It will be easier to search and request items, and get recommendations, using the new shared library catalogue.
  • You can borrow a maximum of 12 items (including DVDs) for 3 weeks from any public library in Dublin, Kildare and Wexford
  • We are reducing the fines you will pay on items (including DVDs) not returned or renewed on time to 30c per week or part of a week.
  • We will send you a reminder, by email or text, to let you know that your books and DVDs are due back, that items you requested are ready for collection, and to let you know about library events.
  • We’ll have self-service kiosks in all our libraries, making it easier for you to return and take out new books and DVDs.
  • You won’t need to get a new library card but we ask you to bring your card with you each time you visit the library – this will help you get the most out of our new system.


To get the best from these changes, please ensure that we have your mobile number, email address, and (when it becomes available) your eircode.

There may be some teething problems as we introduce our new computer system and make these changes – please bear with us!




I have taken in account the new changes

I can't renew my loan because of the changes - the catalogue is unavailable as well.
My loan is due to be renewed today. Will I have to pay the fine?

Can't renew my loans.I can't access my account.

As borrowers will not be able to login or renew items online during this period, fines will not be charged from 19th June until the online service is available again. Pending the completion of the migration, we hope to have the new system online by Wednesday, 24th. Updates will be posted here and via our Twitter account (@dubcilib). Our apologies for any inconvenience.

Cant renew loan.

To renew loans, you may contact a branch library directly (link will take you to branch details with phone numbers & email addresses).

I want to renew my books but cannot online. Please renew

To renew loans, you may contact a branch library directly (link will take you to branch details with phone numbers & email addresses). You will need to provide your borrower number in order to do so. Kind regards.

Please renew all my books.
I can´t find the button to extend rented books.
User 842135
Thank you !

You can contact any branch library and talk to a member of staff. I will forward your details to Pearse St branch library in this instance.

Hi. You loans have been renewed and are now due back on the 17th July. Best wishes.

looking forward to my continued use of an excellent service. thank you. maire garvin

Hello. Congrats on bringing these changes.
How does one now sign in to his/her account on this website? If there is a "sign-in to your account" button somewhere, it is extremely well hidden. I even asked a member of the staff yesterday in the Central Library and she could not help me.
Please, bringing changes should not be about getting rid of what works to introduce stuff that does not work. I appreciate that not everything that is "new" gets to be error-free from the very start but this makes me feel like this site was not tested before being rolled-out or at least not tested with users. What do users want from a library website? Was that researched and detailed as part of the specs for this new website?
Thank you

Hi Stephane,
I just see on the site it says while the changes are being implemented our accounts won't be accessible for a few days from June 19th do bear with it. We should be able to access fully from "late June".

Thank you for your comments. Unfortunately you will not be able to login to your (library) account or access the (new) catalogue until the content migration is completed; we hope to have the new system online by Wednesday, 24th June. The library catalogue and the site you log in to in order to access your account (they being one and the same) are a separate site from this, the Dublin City Council website, of which this (Libraries' website) content forms part.

We note your comments regarding logging in to your account and access to same from the Libraries' section of the City Council website; we will be making improvements in this regard as soon as the new system becomes available. In that regard I thank you for your feedback, your patience and understanding.

Updates will be posted here and via our Twitter account (@dubcilib). Our apologies for any inconvenience.

Sounds good.


My biggest concern is extending my loans online

The new website functionality is much better than the previous one.


looking forward to it!

i would like to renew loans

Couldn't log on my account

Lovely to hear of the new updates to your very good services, always a pleasure to visit my local library in Raheny and staff are very helpful indeed.

When will we be able to renew books, search the catalogue and reserve books online?
It would not appear to be possible at present (pity!!!) or perhaps you could let me know how it is done?
Many thanks

We hope to have the new system online by Wednesday, 24th June. The post above is updated  as we get additional information  and you will be notified via our Twitter account (@dubcilib) also.

It is generally very difficult to get the card reader to scan the card on the new self service machines and the demo on screen is very misleading as to how the card should be held. try again please!

"fines will not be charged from 19th June until the online service is available again (Updated Monday, 22 June, 4pm)"
This is all very well, but how are we supposed to know when it is available again? Are we supposed to keep attempting to log in interminably? I do not use twitter and I believe that fines for late renewals should be wiped out until all the bugs from the new system have been removed or at least for a few weeks until people get used to using your new system.

when it is up and running which card do we use, also is there no need to take the items to Dublin no more as i live in Dublin 15?

Hi. You use your existing library card, you don’t need to get a new one.

Library users may return items borrowed in any of the other five library services to any Dublin City branch library. Correspondingly, items borrowed in a Dublin City  branch library may be returned to any Dublin City branch library or any of the other five participating library services.

As this is a new era for the library service,perhaps you could wipe all the fines from peoples accounts and give everyone a fresh start.It would be a super gesture to offer.

what if i have lost my library card? thanks

Perhaps cynical, but I suspect the new system will no be operational by Thursday 25th, as hoped. I appreciate projects/systems changes take time and that there are always unforseen issues. However, I would wonder was there a better way to approach this than to take down live systems for a week.

My thoughts exactly! It is really not convenient for me to walk to the library in order to check whether I need to renew my items or if my reservations are available. Would be very appreciated if you could resolve this issue soon and maybe, for similar situations in the future, give some warning in advance?

My thoughts also. Your cynicism turned out to be well-founded. Was it really the best implementation to take the old system offline before developing the new one to a point where it would be a simple switchover?

Good Luck with the new system. I use the library, in person and online, regularly and can see a lot of effort is going in to update and improve the overall library experience. Staff throughout have been friendly and helpful and all your hard work is appreciated.

to whom it may concern
As I am unable to login to renew my books I fear I will be fined considerably as I leave tomorrow for 3 weeks with little or no internet connection. My user number is 761628, can you please make not of this as I will not be back in Ireland until July 20th
kind regards

Hi Denise, your loans have been renewed by staff at Pearse St Library with an extended return date to cover your time away. Best wishes.

Unfortunately I can't make it to the library, would it be possible to renew my book? User 911091. Also any idea when the system will be running again?

We have renewed your book, due now 17th July. We are still working on getting the new system online, apologies for the delay, its a mammoth task, will post an update on the website when we have more information. Kind regards.

When the system has been set up, will that allow somebody having a library card for any of the listed libraries to order ebooks


We will be looking to introduce a suitable ebooks service (one that can interact with the new catalogue system) once the new system is live. In answer to your question, the service you enquire about will not be available initially. I can't unfortunately give you a timeline on it, but we will be pursuing that deliverable as a next step.

To whom it may concern, I have tried to renew my sons DVD online but the service is not available. user number is 769741. Many thanks.

That user number has no items on loan presently. Can I suggest you contact Pearse Street Library (Tel 01 6744888) and speak to a member of staff. Kind regards.

User I'd : - 891970

Please renew my books, I can't do it on online. trying for many days. Thanks.

Renewed until the 20th July. Kind regards.

Can you please renew my loans?
User number 350748
I cannot see a facility to do this online with the new system

Renewed until the 20th July. Kind regards.

This is great news. Does this mean Dublin city library users have access to Zinio from now on ?
thanks Caroline

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