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The Real RebeccaI am on record as being not very caught up with the entire book awards industry.  However this week I couldn't but be caught up with Anna Carey's experience of the Irish Book Award.  The Real Rebecca is a book I've watched happen over twitter with a woman I don't think I've ever met but I care about. 

It's funny, I have no idea why I followed Anna (or Urchinette as she is known on Twitter), possibly because she's a fellow Irish Knitter, possibly because a friend recommended her, but I do.  I watched over the last year or so as she wrote the book, launched it in the Gutter Bookshop (and watched the Gutter Bookshop on Twitter talk about their preparations for the launch) and watched both of them worry about people not turning up (thankfully people did).  I waited with bated breath for it to turn up in the libraries and snapped up an early copy to read it and enjoyed the story of a girl trying to prove who she is in the face of a mother who wrote about a character not completely unlike her.

And this week I watched as Anna agonised over going to the award, panicking as the first dress was too big, worrying about the rain yesterday and a posh hairdo, held my breath as her category came up (Specsavers Junior book of the Year, senior category) via the Bord Gais Book Club twitter feed (that I also follow) and cheered when I found out that she had won.  I was so happy for this woman that I only know through her book and twitter.  Now she just needs to write another to make things better.

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