World Health Organization Collection. How far have we come?

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World Health OrganisationThe Business Information Centre houses a repository of World Health Organization material known as the WHO Collection - there are 592 items here to date - a figure which is slowly growing. The WHO Collection dates back to 1980 and contains a large collection of books, pamphlets and magazines which they self publish.

The World Health Organization is an agency of the United Nations (UN) which was founded on 7th April, 1948, and is responsible for coordinating and improving health services globally.

In an Utopian World each individual would live a long and healthy life, free from illness and poverty but unfortunately for many this is not the case. Each year hundreds of thousands die from illnesses and diseases which are often alien to western society. To eradicate these contagious diseases - diseases such as smallpox, malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS which are prevalent in many third world countries and more recently the deathly disease Ebola which is rampant in West Africa we must unite under the umbrella of the UN and build a better world for everyone.

This collection provides a snapshot into the causes and cures that are available today. To view this collection which is available on open access just come in to the Business Information Centre and have a browse.

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