World Health Organization Collection: What is it?

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WHO logoDublin City Public Libraries is a repository for World Health Organization material (WHO Collection) -  585 items are held to date - and this figure is continually increasing. The WHO Collection dates back to 1980 and contains a comprehensive number of books, pamphlets and magazines published by the organization.

The World Health Organization is an agency of the United Nations (UN), founded on 7th April 1948, which is responsible for coordinating and improving health services globally. Its headquarters is in Geneva, and from there each of the UN countries (61 in total), work together to improve world health for everyone.

Though the priority is that each individual should live a long and healthy life, this unfortunately is not always the case.  This can only be achieved by eradicating contagious diseases, diseases such as smallpox, malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS which are prevalent in many third world countries. By uniting and supporting each other under the common banner of the UN, a better world for everyone, is possible. 

Want to view the collection? Please call to the Business & Reference Library from 10am-8pm Monday - Thursday, and 10am-5pm Friday - Saturday where staff will help you access the extensive collection.

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