The Year of Design 2015

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2015 is a special year which celebrates all aspects of Design, Fashion, Architecture under the umbrella of the Year of ID2015 with conferences, exhibitions, lectures, tours and workshops taking place across the country.

To coincide with this, The Business Information Centre are delighted to host a free workshop on Monday, 27th April focusing directly on the practical business advice of Lye Ogunsanya, a Designer, Social Entrepreneur and founder & CEO of AKI-NA with a workshop entitled Think Ethics, Think Success. The centre also hopes to run a further 3 workshops throughout the year on the theme of creativity in planning and design.

We are delighted here in the Business Centre to showcase our other resources which also promote the year of the design – included are useful market research databases - Mintel (containing Irish Consumer Market Information) and Euromonitor (containing global Market information) These databases are a great asset to any entrepreneur wishing to pursue a career in planning, design, building, architecture, fashion or any aspect of the arts. Reference books and magazines including Irish Architectural Magazines - Architecture Ireland, Plan, Building and Construction Magazines - BS News – Building Services News,Construction, Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management (ejournal),Irish Building, Passive House, Surveyors Journal, Engineering Magazines -Circuit World (ejournal), Engineers Journal, Rapid Prototyping Journal (ejournal) - Fashion Magazines - Futura, Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management are also available on public access.

Just visit The Business Information Centre and be informed.

Remember ‘Design is thinking made visible’

Irish Design 2015 Website.

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