Youth Zones

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Games night at Coolock LibraryYouth Zones are now active in Cabra, Ballymun and Coolock libraries. The facilities are popular with all users who appreciate the comfortable seating, the extra study space and the new stock of books, magazines, music CDs and DVDs.

Each Youth Zone has a Playstation 3 games console. The PCs in the Youth Zones encourage young people to explore aspects of information technology other than just Google or YouTube. We guide them to sites specifically selected by library staff  and sites where they can listen to music for free and make their own playlists and share them with others. They are also loaded with two pieces of software that they might find useful and fun.

  1. Comic Life is a program that allows you to make comic strips, using any images you have on your PC - or on your memory stick. That’s the fun part, but the software allows you to insert images in a page of text. It is basically a desktop publishing program, and allows students to put their project together more easily and with greater style.
  2. Sony Vegas is a program for editing video on your PC. It is very simple to use, and with the camcorder that we have to share between the Youth Zones, can be used to produce short videos, which can be played on the large screen.
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