Public Buildings

The Red Stables

The red stables in St Anne's Park were built in 1885 by Arthur Edward Guinness, Lord Ardilaun. The stables now house an arts and crafts centre with room for artists, a gallery and a café. Every Saturday there is a food and crafts market in the courtyard.

Rathmines Town Hall

Rathmines Town Hall, built in 1895 was designed by Irish architect Sir Thomas Drew. Its clock tower is a famous landmark in Rathmines.

Pearse Street Library

Pearse Street Library was built in 1909. Andrew Carnegie, an American millionaire gave money to help pay for the library. Today there is a public library downstairs and a special study library upstairs. Here you can trace your family tree or look up the history of your area.

St Andrew's Resource Centre

St Andrew's Resource Centre is located in a lovely Victorian building, which was built in 1895. The Centre provides many services for the community: a job centre, home-help service, kindergarten, homework club, youth office, day-centre for older people and an adult education group.

Marsh's Library

Marsh's Library was the first public library in Ireland. It was built by Archbishop Narcissus Marsh in 1701.

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Pembroke Town Hall, Ballsbridge

Pembroke Town Hall was built in 1880 as the offices of the fifteen town commissioners. The commissioners governed and provided services for the Pembroke Township from 1863-1930 and were elected by local wealthy landowners of the time. Pembroke Township included Ballsbridge, Ringsend, Irishtown, Donnybrook and Sandymount.

Rathmines Public Library

Rathmines Public Library was built in 1913 with the aid of a Carnegie grant. Andrew Carnegie was an American millionaire who gave money to build libraries and museums in America, England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.