Coolock House

Coolock House was built around 1798. In 1809 a wealthy man named William Callaghan bought the house and came to live there with his wife and a young orphaned woman called Catherine McAuley. Catherine set up a new religious order called the Sisters of Mercy. The Sisters of Mercy are involved in education and helping people throughout the world. Coolock House is now a Sisters of Mercy convent.

Beaumont Convalescent Home, Coolock

Beaumont House is now a convalescent home, which is a hospital where people go to recover from an illness or operation. The big house was once owned by Arthur Guinness who started the Guinness brewery.

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The Crescent Cottages, Raheny

The crescent cottages in Raheny were built around 1790 by Samuel Dick, the Governor of the Bank of Ireland and a very wealthy man. He built the cottages for men who worked on his estate.

The Seven Towers, Ballymun

The seven towers in Ballymun were built between 1966 and 1969. In the 1960s planners and architects thought the best way to house many people very quickly was to build high towers with as many flats in them as possible

Áras an Uachtaráin

Áras an Uachtaráin in the Phoenix Park is the house of the Irish president. The name means "living place of the president" in Irish.

Drumcondra House and All Hallows College

Drumcondra House is believed to be one of the best examples of a large house built in the style of the early eighteenth century. This style is called Georgian after the British kings called George.

Casino Marino

'Casino' is the Italian word for 'small house'. It was built around 1770 as a summerhouse for the 1st Earl of Charlemont on his large country estate in Marino.

The Iveagh Trust Buildings

The Iveagh Trust Buildings were built by Sir Edward Guinness. He saw that many Dubliners lived in cold and damp rooms without a fire or running water. To help these people he set up the Iveagh Trust in 1890. He also built the Iveagh Baths on Bride Street and the Iveagh Markets on Francis Street.

Bushy Park House

Bushy Park House is one of the oldest buildings in Terenure. It was built around 1700 by a man called Arthur Bushe.

This video is designed as a resource for primary and post-primary students up to Junior Certificate.