Temporary Prohibition of Bathing at Sandymount Strand

Dublin City Council has placed a Temporary Prohibition of Bathing Notice at Sandymount Strand today, Wednesday, 16th July, 2014.
Water samples taken at Sandymount Strand and Half Moon Swimming Club (South Wall) on Monday, 14th July, 2014 indicated that the water quality at these locations did not comply with the minimum standards set down for Bathing Waters.
A further sample has been taken today the result of which will be available on Friday, 18th July, 2014. If the water quality is in accordance with the required standards the prohibition notice will be lifted.
Dublin City Council has not, as yet, determined the cause of this event but is carrying out further investigations in this regard. Bathing water quality can be temporarily impacted by factors such as weather and tidal conditions, faecal matter from dogs and birds and temporary overflows from drains. This can result in a temporary fall in water quality.
In accordance with established protocols Dublin City Council has consulted with the HSE and the EPA on this matter. Updates will be posted at www.dublincity.ie and Dublin City Council’s social media channels.
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Notes to the Editor:
Over the course of each bathing season of 15 weeks (1st June – 15th September) Dublin City Council takes 20 bathing water samples on each of its designated beaches, Dollymount Strand, Sandymount Strand and Merrion Strand   These samples are analysed to determine the level of compliance with the quality standards set down by the EPA in accordance with the Bathing Water Quality Regulations 2008. The results of the analysis are reported to the EPA and they make them available to the public on their website Splash (http://splash.epa.ie/). This information is also placed on the Dublin City Council’s website. Test results are available within two to three days of sampling.
Figure 1 Extent of Bathing Water Area Affected