What do you think of dublinbikes

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What do you think of dublinbikes? - tell us by 26th October

For the first time, the public can give their views on the dublinbikes scheme. Between now and 5pm on 26th October you can give your views on dublinbikes and its proposed expansion. The survey only takes 5 – 10 minutes to complete and can be found at www.dublinbikes.ie

Completing this survey gives you the chance of winning an Ipad2.

By doing this survey you can tell us why you use dublinbikes, if you use it with other forms of transport, what you think of the availability of the dublinbikes and any other issues you may have. Dublin City Council will take your views into account when planning the future expansion of dublinbikes.

Dublin’s Lord Mayor Andrew Montague proposed the dublinbikes scheme. He says “We are carrying out this survey so you can give your views on dublinbikes. About 2.6 million journeys have been taken on dublinbikes since the scheme started on 13th September 2009. We know the public like dublinbikes but this is the first time they have an opportunity to tell us their views on issues like why they use it, what factors would get them to cycle more and where they would like to see it expanded to. The survey can be taken by anyone – not just dublinbikes members. Over 1,400 people have completed it so far. dublinbikes is now one of the most successful schemes in the world and your views will help us with our plans to increase the number of bikes from 500 to 5,000 in the next five years.”



Note to the Editor:

dublinbikes is a public bike hire scheme run by JCDecaux Ireland on behalf of Dublin City Council. Over 2.6 million dublinbikes journeys have been taken since the scheme was launched on 13th September 2009. dublinbikes has attracted over 63,000 members – about two thirds of whom have taken Long Term (one-year) membership. 7,052 journeys were taken by dublinbikes members on 13th October, 2011.

The proposals encompass the gradual expansion of the Scheme over a five-year period. This would provide for up to 5,000 bikes at approximately 300 stations in an area extending from Dublin City University in the north, Clonskeagh in the south, Inchicore in the west to the Docklands in the east.

The proposed expansion would be completed incrementally but Dublin City Council aims to prioritise Heuston Station and the Docklands area initially, following which a review will be conducted.

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