You are invited to the launch of BEYOND PEBBLEDASH

Wednesday August 27th (6.30pm) at the National Museum of Decorative Arts and History, Collins Barracks, Benburb Street, Dublin 7.
Opened by Lord Mayor Christy Burke
‘When is a home not a house?’ and ‘What makes a great liveable city?’
The BEYOND PEBBLEDASH Project explores and addresses these questions about where we live and why we live there.
This project includes the ‘construction’ of a pebbledash house in the central Square of one of Dublin’s National Museums, the launch of a book and a public engagement programme, targeting young people and Transition Year students.  Beyond Pebbledash is both a celebration of an overlooked icon of Dublin (Irish) domestic architecture and a design driven discussion on the future of Dublin urbanism.    
The BEYOND PEBBLEDASH house involves the installation of a ‘typical’ Dublin pebble-dash house, life size, scale 1:1,  to include a pebble-dash façade, and steel skeletal frame to replicate its walls, stairs, internal doors, rear fenestration, chimney and roof.  The house will be on ‘display’’ in Clarke Square, Collins Barracks from August to December 2014. 
The Beyond Pebbledash house is intended to provoke questions in the mind of the viewer. ‘What have we built?’ And, critically, ‘Why have we built it here? This is an introduction to a bigger conversation on city living and the very nature of ‘house’ and ‘home’. ‘Where do we live and why?’, ‘When is a home not a house?’ and ‘What makes a great liveable city?’  
The Lord Mayor of Dublin, Christy Burke
 “This is a wonderful celebration of the great tradition of high quality social housing in Ireland. We should learn from this great tradition to go to develop a truly great, liveable and inclusive city”
Raghnall O Floinn, Director of the National Museum of Ireland said;
“The National Museum is delighted to partner with Dublin City Council and others on this evocative and thought provoking project and to give a “home “to the Beyond Pebble Dash Exhibition at Collins Barracks. The Barracks is a fitting location for the exhibition as it itself was “home” for soldiers of the British and Irish armies for over three centuries. Many of the Museum’s exhibitions also have ‘the home’ as a central theme including our Eileen Gray Exhibition, the Four Centuries of Furnishings Galleries and Soldiers and Chiefs “   
“I invite and encourage people to visit Collins Barracks to experience the Beyond Pebbledash Exhibition at first hand and to participate in the associated public engagement programme. The programme will explore the themes of home and urban living and participants will have the opportunity to engage directly with the very important and timely debate on the future of city living in Dublin”  
“The construction of tens of thousands of ‘pebble-dash homes’ represents one of the most visionary, ambitious and successfully enduring legacies of the Irish state, it literally imagined and, critically, delivered, new living possibilities. The challenge today is perhaps not so different. A Dublin housing crisis is gathering pace; there is an urgent shortage of desirable homes. The answer, is not simply to build more suburban homes further out, but to imagine something different, a greener, safer, cleaner, more  family friendly, liveable  inner city ” p11-12 Beyond Pebbledash Paul Kearns and Motti Ruimy.
Beyond Pebbledash was initiated by Paul Kearns and Motti Ruimy (authors of REDRAWING DUBLIN). The engagement programme will draw on expertise in Dublin City Council (Public Arts Office and Heritage Office, Dublin City Council). The exhibition and educational programme will be run in partnership with the National Museum of Ireland for three months (August 27th to November 31st 2014)
Contact Details:
For more information about the construction of the BEYOND PEBBLEDASH House and imagery contact Paul Kearns or Motti Ruimy at 
For more information about the Public Engagement Programme contact Ruairí O Cuiv - Public Arts Manager Dublin City Council Public Art Manager. 
For more information about the National Museum of Ireland contact Helen Beaumont Education and Outreach Officer. 
For more information about Heritage Week contact Charles Duggan – Heritage Officer, Dublin City Council. 
You can find ‘Beyond Pebbledash’ on Twitter and Facebook. 
Beyond Pebbledash was funded and supported by Dublin City Council, The Arts Council of Ireland and The National Museum of Ireland amongst others.