Zoom@Hugh Lane Gallery

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A short, vibrant and creative film highlighting the fantastic artwork made by children from all over Dublin city as part of the Hugh Lane Gallery’s Zoom@Hugh Lane Gallery city-wide project for primary schools will be launched by the Lord Mayor of Dublin Paul Mc Auliffe at the Hugh Lane Gallery on Tuesday 3 December at 2.30pm. Children from St Mary’s Primary School, Upper Dorset St, Dublin 7 will be present at the launch.

Between December 2018 and June 2019, over 800 children from twenty-six primary schools across Dublin city participated in Zoom@Hugh Lane Gallery.  The ratio of DEIS to non-DEIS schools was 4:1 with many children visiting the Hugh Lane Gallery for the very first time.

The Lord Mayor of Dublin Paul McAuliffe observed that ‘it is great to see such enthusiastic creativity in children of a young age and the fun and enjoyment that they clearly had exploring modern art at the Hugh Lane shines through this short film and the Zoom@Hugh Lane Gallery project.’

Zoom@Hugh Lane Gallery includes a pre-visit to the participating schools when the children are introduced to the project and paintings from the Gallery. During their follow up visits with their class to the Hugh Lane, there are lively discussions on artworks as well as sketching in the gallery spaces. Imaginative artist-led workshops are held in the Gallery’s dedicated education studio space, during which the children make artwork in a variety of media based on their artistic explorations.

‘I discovered that one piece of art can tell so many stories and whatever way you look at it there is something new’   Child participating in Zoom@Hugh Lane Gallery

Green screen animation has been edited by artist Liliane Puthod to capture the thoughts and ideas arising from what the children have looked at and made.

Jessica O’Donnell, Head of Education and Community Outreach at the Hugh Lane Gallery said: ‘It is inspiring to see how much the children have enjoyed being part of Zoom@Hugh Lane Gallery. Most had not visited the Hugh Lane before and they are eager to return, many with their families. It is our ambition to enable the creativity of every child by bringing Zoom@Hugh Lane Gallery to every primary school in Dublin City, and ultimately make the Gallery more permeable and connected to Dublin and its communities. We are delighted to say that Phase II of Zoom@Hugh Lane Gallery has already begun with an additional twenty-six schools participating.’