"Work without limits" the new Disability Code of Practice for the employment of people with a disability

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Three interesting facts about disability:

Did you know:

Around 10 % of the world’s population live with a disability making people with disabilities  the world’s largest minority group.
Charles Barbier, a captain in the French army developed a way for soldiers to communicate silently in the dark by means of raised dots and dashes on thin cardboard.  He called his system “night writing”.  This system later inspired Louis Braille to experiment with raised dots as the basis of a special alphabet for the blind or vision impaired.
In 1964 a teletype device was invented for a scientist who was hard of hearing.  Today, millions around the world use essentially the same technology to communicate via text message.
Following some legislative changes in the area of disability, Dublin City Council’s 2003 Code of Practice for the employment of people with a disability has been revised and an accompanying summary leaflet produced.  The new Code is called ‘Work Without Limits’ and it deals with the issue of disability from an employment  positive perspective.  It has been designed to act as an informative and practical guide for both existing and prospective employees and  their managers.

Amongst the issues covered by the Code are:

Recruitment and Career Development;
Disclosure of a Disability;
Reasonable Accommodation i.e.  ways of supporting employees with disabilities and  
Evacuation Procedures.
The Code was produced on a partnership basis and benefited greatly from having employee, trade union and management input as well as the assistance of an invaluable Focus Group.  

Code of Practice (English)
Code of Practice (Irish)

For any further information on the Code of Practice please contact the Equality Office, Block 4, Floor 4, Wood Quay, Dublin 8. T: 2223136 / 2223051, E-mail: denis.casey@dublincity.ie / louise.norton@dublicity.ie