The Culture Near You map has been developed to let people know what cultural spaces, venues and people are in their Dublin neighbourhood. Based on the Dublin City Council cultural database, this is not an algorithm-based search engine. It includes places where culture happens and people who make it happen but not specific events. It is a signpost to culture, not a destination.

To get the best out of the site, keep your search queries as broad and brief as possible. Results are randomised, so won’t appear in the same order each time. We’ve also added in local stories and tips to tell you a bit more about the city’s neighbourhoods. Happy browsing!

About this website / project

Developed by Dublin City Council Culture Company with Dublin City Council, Culture Near You​ is a cultural map that brings together, in one place, cultural information about the city. I​ts purpose is to give cultural choices to people in the city and also to help officials and communities make decisions about the city’s future.

Our definition of culture is broad. We have included art and heritage, but also sports, nature, food, hobbies, community involvement and education. We want to support people who make culture, so we have included creative people and cultural shops.

This is a living map, to which we will add and update content. ​We want you, residents of Dublin, to help us keep it as live as possible. Tell us about cultural places, activities or people that should be on the map by submitting an entry.

See something that needs fixing?
Let us know about entries that need to be updated or removed and we’ll sort it out.

Want to find out more about how we developed this project?
You can read about it here

Wondering about ‘Dublin by Dubliners’?
The videos, interviews, poems and more that are tagged ‘Dublin by Dubliners’ have been created and gathered through Dublin City Council Culture Company’s many cultural projects and programmes. You can find out more about what we do here

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Connecting people through culture and conversation, Dublin City Council Culture Company runs cultural initiatives and buildings with, and for, the people of Dublin. Established in March 2018.
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