Drumcondra Traffic

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Dublin City Council has undertaken a traffic study of the Wider Area Traffic Cell Analysis of Walsh Road, Ferguson Road, Millmount Avenue, Drumcondra in association with Traffic Engineering Consultants AECOM. The aim of this study is to develop a road safety improvement scheme for Drumcondra South that will reduce the impact of traffic in the area.

The information collected was analysed by the Traffic Engineering Consultants and used in conjunction with traffic surveys, parking surveys, and speed surveys to form the basis of the Wider Area Traffic Cell Analysis of Walsh Road, Ferguson Road, Millmount Avenue Drumcondra Options Report.

DCC is responding to requests for a further opportunity to input to the communication process by extending the display of options from Tuesday 5th July 2016 to Tuesday 6th September 2016.   As a result the details of the proposed measures may be inspected during library opening hours in Drumcondra Library, Millmount Avenue, Dublin 9 until Tuesday 6th September

There will also be a Second Information Day in Drumcondra Library on Tuesday 6th September 2016 between 4:45pm and 7:30pm where DCC Staff of Environment and Transportation Department and the Traffic Consultants can talk informatively to the public about the options. This session is only for people who could not attend the first information day.  Members of the public may contribute, leaving their names and addresses in a comment box in the Drumcondra Library or email drumcondratraffic@dublincity.ie .

Cuirtear fáilte i gcónaí roimh chumarsáid i nGaeilge.  Is féidir moltaí agus tuairimí maidir le sonraí na bearta atá molta i dtaobh an Limistéar Fairsing  Cill Tráchta in Droim Conrach Theas a sheoladh isteach i scríbhinn go dtí drumcondratraffic@dublincity.ie.

The closing date for return of comment is Tuesday 13th September 2016 at 5pm. We welcome submissions by Email

The Traffic Consultants Report on Submissions from Members of the Public has been issued to the Public Representatives at the North West Area Committee Meeting on Tuesday 18th October.  The report is attached below in Downloads.

The printed report will be available in Drumcondra Library.

The Senior Management of the Environment and Transportation of DCC have reviewed the  different options that have been appraised in conjunction with the existing layout against the scheme objectives as well as the appraisal criteria identified within the Department of Transport Common Appraisal Framework.  The option identified as the most appropriate in terms of meeting the objectives for this scheme by Dublin City and reported to the Public Representatives at North West Area Committee Meeting on the 18th November 2016 is:
Option 6 - Road Closure on Millmount Avenue/Millbourne Avenue
This option proposes the closure of Millmount Avenue/Millbourne Avenue at the Walsh Road / Ferguson Road / Millbourne Avenue / Millmount Ave Junction by installing bollards and the  implementation of a mini roundabout on Millbourne Avenue / Millmount Ave.  The project will be rolled out as a pilot and DCC will monitor the impact throughout, particularly on Drumcondra Road, Mobhi Road, Home Farm Road and Botanic Avenue, the Island Roads and Richmond Road.
The chosen option decision will be put on display at Drumcondra Library and on Dublin City website www.dublincity.ie/drumcondratraffic

Update: The works are anticipated to be completed by Monday 21st of August and the new road layout will be in place. Once implemented, the traffic calming measures will be reviewed after a period of 6-9 months.

Update:  Dublin City Council  Environment and Transportation enclose the Frequently asked Questions (FAQ) for  the Walsh Road, Ferguson Road, Millmount Avenue Pilot Scheme see Downloads.

Update:  Due to DCC collating further information including some survey data and notwithstanding the minor delay, the additional information will be valuable in the longer term, the report will be made available to Councillors in advance of the May NWAC Meeting.

The original completion date for the trial of 21 May 2017 will be maintained.

Update:  Dublin City Council issued the Walsh Road Traffic Calming Measures Review Report to Councillors at the May NWAC Meeting.  See Downloads for attached report. 

It was agreed that, to give time for the councillors to thoroughly review the document, it would be beneficial to discuss it at the June 2018. North West Area Committee Meeting.  At the June 2018 North West Area Committee Meeting. the report was discussed and duly noted by Councillors and the decision was made to make permanent the traffic calming measures. The final report with included addendum can be found in the “downloads” section at the bottom of this webpage.