Temple Bar Square Part 8

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Temple Bar Square was delivered as part of a regeneration of the area in 1996 over 20 years ago.  The space is highly valued in the area and forms one of the few public spaces in this dense urban setting.  It is now proposed to implement a public realm refurbishment project comprising upgrade of the square and adjacent streets, Crown Alley to the east and Temple Bar to the north and Fownes Street to the east.  The re-imagined Square will allow for more cultural and public events and deliver an easily accessible space for the area.

The proposals include the removal of the existing street furniture, trees, licensed outdoor seating terraces and replacement with new street furniture, new tree planting, seating and public lighting. The square is to be extended as a single surface across the adjoining streets of Temple Bar, Crown Alley and Fownes Street to the adjoining buildings. It is also proposed to fully pedestrianise Temple Bar Square and Crown Alley and exclude regular vehicular traffic from these areas. The proposals include all necessary service, utility and associated site works.

The measures taken will lead to a significant improvement in accessibility to the project area and support the principle of universal access for all.

The project proposal was developed in collaboration with residents, business owners and stakeholders as part of an open participative process.


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Conservation Report_July 2017

Temple Bar-Part 8 Report

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Public Consultation - https://consultation.dublincity.ie/parks/temple-bar-square/