Commemorative Naming

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Dublin City Council recognises that public commemoration and memorials offer opportunities to honour, celebrate, or remember a person, group of persons or events of significance. They provide an opportunity for the City to highlight important social, cultural and economic contributions to society, to celebrate the uniqueness of the City and to create a ‘sense of place’ which is identified as being of great importance to citizens and visitors.

Our Role

Dublin City Council has developed a policy to consider the commemoration of events or individuals who have shaped the city, either by the naming of infrastructure or by the installation of monuments, memorials and plaques in the public realm.

A Commemorative Naming Committee has been set up to formally consider proposals through an agreed process for the naming of infrastructure, dedication memorials and plaques.  The committee will comprise of 8 City Councillors and it will make recommendations to Dublin City Council for decision.

Full list of members :- 

  • Cllr Cieran Perry (Chairperson)
  • Cllr Micheál MacDonncha
  • Cllr Nial Ring
  • Cllr Séamas McGrattan
  • Cllr Paddy McCartan
  • Cllr Frank Kennedy
  • Cllr Mary Freehill
  • Cllr Mannix Flynn

Purpose of the Policy

  • Provide clarity and a consistent approach when considering proposals from individuals and interest groups
  • Effectively deal with the high level of demand for the naming of infrastructure and the erection of memorials and plaques
  • Ensure that a proliferation of memorials and plaques does not detract from the wider amenity and enjoyment of public spaces

Download the approved policy: Commemorative Naming of Infrastructure and the Provision of Monuments, Memorials and Plaques’ [PDF 182kb] (as Gaeilge)

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