Roads and Traffic

Motor Tax

General Data Protection Regulations – Privacy Notice, Motor Tax
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Cranes, Hoists, Cherry Pickers and Vehicles Permits

A permit is required when the positioning of a Mobile Crane/Hoist/Cherry picker/Vehicle on a public road or footpath results in obstruction to a lane of traffic or interferes with pedestrian traffic flow.

Put a Skip on Your Road

You need to buy a permit to put a skip on a public road where parking restrictions apply. This includes:

Buy a Parking Permit

Apply for or renew a Resident's Parking Permit

If you live in an area of the city that has a Pay and Display and Permit Parking Scheme, you may be eligible to buy a Resident’s Parking Permit from Dublin City Council.

General Transport Measures

The Roads & Traffic department is responsible for implementation of various policies and traffic measures, relating to roads and traffic issues.

Permits for Disabled Parking

If you are a driver (or car passenger) with a disability, you can apply for a Disabled Person’s Parking Permit. This gives you special permissions for parking in Dublin. Find out more about these permissions below.

Apply for a permit

To get a permit contact either of the following organisations:

Disabled Drivers’ Association
Co. Mayo
Tel: (094) 936 4266

Parking for City Residents

Apply for a Residents parking permit

You can buy a Residents’ Parking Permit if you live in an area of Dublin city where a Residents’ Parking Permit Scheme operates and if you qualify for a permit. This permit would allow you to park on the public road in which you live. 

Permits and Licences

Permits and licences to interfere with a road or footpath

An image of a hoarding

How to Apply for a Temporary Road Closure

In the interest of effective traffic management, Dublin City Council adopts a strict approach to all requests for road closures. Road closures are restricted to:

Apply for an Abnormal Load Permit

Apply for a permit to transport an Abnormal Load by road

You need a permit to move goods by road if your cargo is:

  • Width - exceeds 2.90 metres.

  • Length - exceeds 16.5 metres.

  • Weight - exceeds 44 tons

This permit is called an Abnormal Load Permit. It costs €31.

Get an 'Abnormal Load Permit'

To buy a permit, follow these steps: