Roads and Traffic

Traffic Cordon Count

Since 1980, Dublin City Council has been conducting traffic counts at 33 locations around the cordon formed by the Royal and Grand Canals.

The counts are conducted during the month of November each year. Counts are conducted at each location for each vehicle category. Since 1997 the counts have been conducted over the period 07.00 to 10.00hrs.

Sutton to Sandycove Cycleway and Footway Interim Works Scheme

Update : November 2016

Sutton to Sandycove Cycleway and Footway Interim Works: Bull Wall (Wooden Bridge) to Causeway Road


Naas Road Carriageway Improvement Scheme

Please be advised that Contractor, KN Network Services, on behalf of Dublin City Council, will be carrying out requisite road reconstruction and resurfacing works on the Naas Road dual-carriageway, at both:

  • The inbound and outbound carriageway at its junction with Bluebell Avenue, and The outbound carriageway at its junction with Walkinstown Avenue

Diversions will be place for both junctions.
Please see below maps for:

Additional Motor Tax Information

Taxing of other Vehicles

This is a list of accompanying documentation to be submitted along with the relevant tax form to tax the following:

Taxis and Hackneys

You need to send us your current Public Service Vehicle (Plate) Licence

Large Public Service Vehicles

You need to send us your current Large Public Service Vehicle (Plate) Licence

Your Vehicle needs a Certificate of Roadworthiness if your vehicle is 1 year old or more (from the date it was first registered).

Road Safety in Dublin

Dublin City Council’s Road Safety Education and Training Unit is responsible for the education and encouragement of all road users in the proper and safe use of roads and for establishing positive attitudes and behaviour.

It runs practical training programmes for schools, general road safety awareness campaigns and provides a School Warden service throughout the city during the school year.

Queries about Street Lighting

Street Lighting in Dublin City

Road Maintenance and Street Repair

An image of Baggot Street

Road Maintenance Services looks after all public roads and footpaths in the Dublin City Council Area. If you know of a pothole, road or footpath that needs repair, or if you want permission to dig a hole, please contact us.


How to use Pay-and-Display

Samuel Beckett Bridge Press Pack

Samuel Beckett Bridge

The Dublin City Council commissioned Samuel Beckett Bridge successfully passed through the East Link Bridge on 13th May 2009.

The bridge was successfully mounted on its central support pier on 20th May.

The bridge opened to vehicle traffic on the 11th December at 7am.

Goods Vehicle Testers

If you own a Goods Vehicle, you must send it for testing by an Authorised Tester when it is 1 year old and every year thereafter.

If the vehicle passes the test, you can then apply for a Certificate of Roadworthiness (CRW) from the Motor Tax Office. You need a CRW in order to apply for Motor Tax. The CRW must then be renewed every year.