O'Connell Street SPCS

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On the 11th of January 2016, Dublin City Council approved the ‘Scheme of Special Planning Control for O’Connell Street and Environs 2016’. This revises and updates the earlier 2009 Scheme and shall remain in operation for six years.

The Scheme sets out development objectives for this Area of Special Planning Control relating to both the preservation and enhancement of the area. The Scheme includes objectives / provisions relating to the following:

  • control of the use or uses of buildings in the area,
  • promotion of a balanced range of uses and an intensification of land use,
  • control of advertisements and the upgrading or changing of shopfronts,
  • protection, repair and maintenance of the historic fabric of the area,
  • promotion of a high quality and inclusive public realm.

The geographical extent of the Area of Special Planning Control is identical to that of the O’Connell Street Architectural Conservation Area. The Scheme should be read in conjunction with the Architectural Conservation Area document. 

Copies of the approved Scheme are available at the Public Counter at Dublin City Council Civic Offices, Wood Quay, Dublin 8 from Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) between the hours of 9:00 am and 4:30 pm.