Smithfield Box Fest 2018

‘Smithfield Box Fest’, an intercultural, multi-nations boxing event, will take place from Thursday, October 4th to Saturday, October 6th,  in Dublin City Council’s Aughrim Street Sports Centre, Smithfield, Dublin 7.
The event, which is in its 9th year, has been organised by Smithfield Amateur Boxing Club in conjunction with Dublin City Council and the Irish Athletic Boxing Association. 

Speaking at the launch, Lord Mayor Nial Ring said, “Smithfield Box fest is a brilliant social inclusion initiative and it’s great to meet and welcome the young men and women who are participating in the tournament.  I congratulate Smithfield Boxing Club and Dublin City Council for their work in the development and promotion of this and other events in Smithfield and Dublin city”.

Igor Khmil, Head Coach of Smithfield Amateur Boxing Club added, “We would like to thank Dublin City Council for their unwavering support of the BoxFest, which continues to grow each year. Teams from 9 countries, all across Europe, are taking part in the festival.  The festival will show that sport has no boundaries or limits. I know that all the teams will come together in a spirit of sportsmanship and fairness.”

The festival includes include a training camp with boxers from Ukraine, Palestine, England, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Latvia, Northern Ireland and across Ireland, and a showcase of Irish culture. This will culminate in a boxing tournament that will take place from  Friday, October 5th to Saturday, October 6th.

Photos of the launch will be syndicated by Kevin McFeely Photography