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This is a representative sample of current Irish and International Directories, Guides and Yearbooks for reference in the Business Information Centre, with a brief description of what you can expect to find in them.

Irish Directories, Guides and Yearbooks

Administration Yearbook and Diary

Do you need an Irish language translation service, or are you having difficulty finding contact details for a public or private body in Ireland? You will find it all here. This directory is published by the Institute of Public Administration and it includes the following information:

  • A listing of organisations in the public sector, such as the civil service, health services, or local government and administration, giving contact details and a description of each organisation
  • A list of organisations in the private sector, such as Management Consultants, Media and Communications Services or Trade and Professional Bodies, with contact details and a description of each organisation.
  • Gives names of key personnel from board to middle management level of each listed organisation.
    More information about the Administration Yearbook and Diary.

Directory of National Voluntary Organisations and Other Agencies

Keep pace with changes in the Irish voluntary sector, a vibrant and dynamic sector that plays a key role in Irish life. Compiled by The Citizens Information Board this directory lists

  • National voluntary organisations
  • State and public agencies of interest to the voluntary sector.
  • HSE head offices, administrative areas and local health offices.

Energy Ireland Yearbook

If you need to understand the main issues affecting the Irish energy sector and require contact details for the key players in the sector, you need the Energy Ireland Yearbook! This Yearbook covers all aspects of Irish energy. It looks at key issues and personnel across the various energy sectors with an overview of each sector. It also lists

  • The main companies involved with contact details for key executives
  • Equipment suppliers
  • Providers of legal, financial and technical services

Finance Dublin Yearbook and Directory

Dublin’s Financial Services Sector in a nutshell. This is a directory of Ireland's International Financial Services. Professional financial services listings include:

  • Law firms
  • Accountancy firms
  • Actuarial and other professionals

It also provides a comprehensive listing of

  • State and regulatory bodies and their IFS (International Financial Services) responsibilities
  • Industry Bodies representing IFSC (International Financial Services Centre) interests
  • An A to Z listing of international financial services companies
  • International Representative Bodies in the IFSC
  • Markets Infrastructure: Companies supplying clearance and settlement services


Gradireland is the official career directory for students and graduates in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. It is a step-by step guide to

  • Getting a job
  • Essential CV and interview advice
  • Contact details for employers/ professional bodies/ graduate schemes and internships.

Irish Field Directory

The Irish Field Directory is a directory of Ireland's racing, breeding and equestrian scene. It contains details of Stud Farms, Stallions, Trainers, Jockeys, Qualified Riders, Race Courses, Hunting, Riding Centres, Riding Clubs, Pony Clubs, Bloodstock Agencies, Industry Organisations.

Irish Medical Directory

Where can I find out who is the County Coroner for Dublin? Where can I find listings of hearing aid services or counselling and rehabilitation services? It’s all here. A must for anyone interested in Irish healthcare services, the Irish Medical Directory includes information on the following:

  • Academic institutions
  • Consultant specialists
  • General practitioners
  • Hospitals
  • Patient support groups
  • Physiotherapy clinics
  • Pharmacists and pharmaceutical companies
  • Practice Nurses


So you want to be a Demolition Operative or a Cytogeneticist, or you might want to know what a Cytogeneticist does in the first place? This is the reference book for you. This Career Handbook contains over 1450 job titles with job descriptions and gives work details such as the number of hours worked per day and the activities carried out in a typical working day. It includes

  • The qualifications needed and the personal skills and qualities required.
  • What work experience is relevant
  • The type of training and work opportunities that are available
  • Pay scales
  • Where to go for further information

Law Directory

Where can I find a list of Notaries Publics? Published by The Law Society of Ireland this directory includes:

  • An alphabetical list of solicitors
  • An alphabetical list of solicitors’ firms and corporate bodies employing solicitors in county order
  • Register of law firms – Northern Ireland
  • A list of members of the Law Library
  • A list of District Court sittings
  • A list of notaries public
  • A list of expert witnesses
  • Fees and costs for the Circuit Court/ Fees and stamp duty payable in the Supreme and High Court/ Registry of deeds fees/ Companies Office fees/ Probate fees/ Land registry fees.
  • List of Coroners
  • A list of bodies covered under the Freedom of Information Act 1997

International Directories and Yearbooks

Here are some examples of the International Yearbooks and Directories available in the Business Information Centre

Benn’s Media Guide (Worldwide)

Are you looking for information on a particular publisher?
Do you need a list of newspapers, periodicals, television, or on-line media services that have international coverage?
Are you looking for related trade associations, institutes or similar organisations?

The aim of Benn’s Media is to provide listings of media which either carry advertising or accept press releases. It is divided into three volumes, (United Kingdom, Europe and The World) and is searchable by both country and subject matter. This is the reference source for media, PR, marketing and advertising professionals with more than 71,000 listings and over 181,000 named contacts in 226 countries. Benn’s Media gives you all the in-depth media information such as circulation, frequency, readership, distribution, editorial profiles, key contacts and web addresses.

See also: Willings Press Guide

The European Union Encyclopaedia and Directory

This directory provides in-depth information on all matters relating to the European Union (EU). The financial crisis affecting the euro area is covered in depth, including details of recent developments such as the EU’s new emergency funding mechanisms and the negotiation of a new ‘fiscal compact’. Progress regarding the future expansion of the Union is addressed and the EU’s legal and social frameworks and external relations are discussed.

  • An A-Z section contains definitions and explanations of organizations, acronyms and terms, and articles on each member state.
  • Introductory articles written by experts on the EU provide an overall view of the policies and activities of the EU. Essay subjects include: the euro crisis; EU defence policy; enlargement; and migration and asylum policy.
  • A directory of key names, addresses, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail and internet addresses of all major European Union institutions and their official bodies. This information is supplemented by summaries of important treaties; details of information sources in the EU; and details of EU-level trade and professional associations. Users will also find details of MEPs and the political groups and national parties contributing to the European Parliament
  • A statistical survey gives tables covering: population, employment, agriculture, energy and mining, industry, finance, trade, transport and communications, tourism, health and welfare, and education across the EU

The Grants Register. The Complete Guide to Postgraduate Funding Worldwide

The Grants Register is a guide to postgraduate funding. It gives international coverage of grants in 48 countries, both English and non-English speaking.
Awarding bodies are listed alphabetically and awards are listed alphabetically under the entry for individual organisations. Full contact details including telephone, fax, email and websites are included.
Details listings include subject areas, eligibility, frequency, level of study, length of study, country of study, value of awards and details of application procedures and closing dates.

Statesman’s Yearbook

This yearbook gives a description of the current political, economic and social situation of every country in the world together with facts and analysis. It includes:

  • Revised and updated biographical profiles of all current leaders
  • New and revised economic overviews
  • Revised and updated historical introductions
  • Chronology of key political events from April 2009 to March 2010
  • A Timeline of Natural Disasters
  • Key easy-to-digest world data on the media
  • Detailed maps of all 193 countries

Willings Press Guide (Worldwide)

Do you need a list of business magazines in Poland with contact details?
A list of publishers in the UK and the titles they publish?
Information on national, regional and satellite TV and radio stations and broadcasting organisations in the UK, Europe and worldwide

Willing Press Guide is a comprehensive guide to to the world’s media industry and includes newspapers, freesheets, magazines (both business and consumer), journals, newsletters, and other publications appearing on a regular basis, including directories.

World Leasing Yearbook 2011 (Worldwide)

The World Leasing Yearbook guides the reader through the latest developments in the global leasing market, providing valuable industry data and analysis on over 50 countries.

This directory includes full contact information including name, address, telephone and fax numbers, email and website details, plus a summary of their activities in the market.

  • Over 100 countries are represented through over 4,900 companies and over 6,500 contact names.
  • Analysis of the top 50 leasing markets by size worldwide
  • Leasing software report
  • Listings of leasing software available in Asia-Pacific, Europe and the US
  • European leasing statistics
  • Emerging markets
  • Latin American leasing review
  • Over 50 country reviews

Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook

So you finally got around to writing that book and now you want to get published!
This directory is designed to help writers make it into print and to develop their career. It contains a wealth of practical information on a huge range of topics including:

  • Copyright
  • Finance
  • Submitting a manuscript
  • E-publishing

It includes a directory of media contacts listing hundreds of contacts for:

  • Book publishers
  • Literary agents
  • Television, radio, newspapers and magazines in Ireland and the UK

WRTH. World Radio TV Handbook. The Directory of Global Broadcasting (Worldwide)

The WRTH handbook is aimed at the amateur radio hobbyist and is a very helpful guide that not only tells you about shortwave stations, but also about all FM and TV stations. It includes a features section, reviews of the latest equipment, and much more, including a regular Digital Update. Categories covered include:

  • National and International broadcasts and broadcasters
  • Clandestine and other target broadcasters
  • MW and SW frequency listings
  • Terrestrial TV by country
  • Extensive Reference section

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