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Great recommended reads for children

childrenIf you’ve ever been trapped reading a boring book to a young person, I feel your pain. These books are NOT boring. They’re really well written, beautiful and interesting. Even better, they’re about magic, strange happenings, special powers, and mysterious characters. What’s not to love?

Faith: Embracing life in all its uncertainty

readingIn this book Tim Costelloe examines the concept of faith on many levels, moving from his own personal experience to wider society and the various cultures and institutions that shape the world in which we live. Outlining the impact of historical religious events e.g. the Reformation as well as more recent tribal ones e.g. the war in Rwanda, he emphasises the significance of one’s values or lack of, on the life that’s lead.

Review of Missing by Barry Cummins

readingEvery year there are approximately 9500 people reported missing in Ireland. Most of these cases are solved. Some aren’t. Unfortunately, at the end of every calendar year, some people become part of the long-term missing persons statistic.

Book Delivery Service for Cocooners - FAQ

Home DeliveryOur home delivery service for those of us who are cocooning has been a big hit. We've had a number of queries about how it works so we have put together this FAQ.


International Biodiversity Day, Friday 22nd May.

beeWe have all become aware over the last few years of the decline of many species on our planet. From the polar bear (who has become synonymous with climate change) to butterflies and bees, approximately one quarter of plant and animal species are threatened with extinction.

Spring into Storytime with The Dot

book titleFor this Spring into Storytime session, we have chosen ‘The Dot’, written and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds. Vashti cannot draw, but when she draws a single dot on a page, little does she know that it is going to prove that she can draw after all.

The Not So Secret Lives of Pets

dogSo we’re all spending more time at home at the moment, much to the joy or indifference of our pets. I have learned quite a bit about my doggie and my moggy, my dog sleeps 20 hours per day only rousing himself to go to the other couch to catch the sun’s slow movement throughout the afternoon and my cat has made very good use of my extra time at home, he now thinks I am his personal slave!

An Evening with Nuala O’Connor & Lia Mills

Podcast logoIn this episode of the DCLA podcast, Nuala O’Connor and Lia Mills read from their short stories ‘Shut your mouth, Hélène’ and ‘The Crossing’ before discussing flash fiction, the historical short story, the tyranny of plot and how editing styles differ on each side of the Atlantic.

And because we all love a book recommendation: Nuala’s favourite short story collections are Scary Old Sex by Arlene Heyman and The Boat by Nam Le, and she recommends Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott for writers, especially ones starting out.

Get your football fix with RBdigital magazines

footballThe fizzing sound of a football hitting and nestling in the back of the onion bag is a part of the lingua franca understood by all football fans around the world. This spirit of football internationalism imbues the pages of World Soccer: everything from the political chicanery of FIFA and regional football federations to the rabid rivalry between Shanghai Shanghai International Port Group FC and Shanghai Greenland Shenhua FC ('Come on you Red Eagles'/'There's only one team in Shanghai') is covered in this monthly publication.

Spring into Storytime with Felicity Floo Visits the Zoo

book titleFor this Spring into Storytime session, we have chosen ‘Felicity Floo Visits the Zoo’, written and illustrated by E.S. Redmond.  All of the animals in the zoo are unwell…all because of a sniffly girl.