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To manage all aspects of accessibility within the cities Public domain

Dublin City Council is responsible for public realm accessibility within the city for those with a disability that might restrict their ability to traverse the city or use city facilities. Access to and facilities within all public buildings within the city are also the responsibility of city council ensuring that for example wheel chair ramps / lifts are available, accessibile toilets are available and lighting is adequate. The Access Unit,within International Relations, collaborates with city service departments / city stakeholders to ensure all works take accessibility into consideration.
Accessibility Tasks:

  • Oversees Disability Act 2005 Disability Implementation Plan with disability Steering Group
  • Promotes actions for Barcelona Declaration 1995 “The City and the Disabled”, signed by the Lord Mayor of Dublin in 1999
  • Coordinates the provision of assistance and guidance to people with disabilities in accessing services provided by DCC
  • Promotes/organises consultation with disability stakeholders
  • Supports Disability Focus Group in DCC and local access groups in city
  • Promotes disability Awareness e.g. Dublin Access Guide, Transition year Projects and updating website
  • Deals with disability complaints and advocates for disabled persons
  • Promotes disability awareness training for customer service and best practice for technical design of buildings, parks and the public realm
  • Promotes accessibility with Social Inclusion Dept and the National Access Officers Network

Dished Pavement at Pedestrian crossing with tactile paving

Access Dublin

In 2008 Dublin City Council launched Access Dublin online, an online portal for the disability community in the city.
The website offers the following information, data and functionality:

  • Accessibility information on over 1000 commercial premises in the city (eg restaurants, pubs, cinemas etc)
  • Accessibility audit reports on all public domain in the city (ie public buildings, parks, roads etc)
  • Data on location of all on street accessible car parking spaces in the city.
  • Discussion Forums where users can discuss accessibility issues in the city.

If you wish to discuss any accessibility matters in the city please contact:
Dublin Access Officer: Mr Tom Johnson