Promotion of Dublin City

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Supporting City Global Promotion Events

Dublin City Council, via the International Relations Unit, support, assist with funding and promote International events in the city.
The Office attracts and supports International Business Conferences and Events in Dublin. The objectives of bidding for, winning and supporting such events are :

  • To promote Dublin globally and to attract key influencers who may not have visited Ireland previously
  • To benefit the local economy by spend of delegates
  • To attract investment
  • To build bi-lateral links
  • To raise the profile of Dublin in a critical area of branding.

Examples of recent events are:

One Young World summit: One Young World is the pre-eminent global forum for young leaders aged 18-30 and gathers the brightest young leaders from around the world, empowering them to make lasting connections and develop solutions to some of the world's most pressing issues. In October 2014 the One Young World annual summit was held in Dublin and attracted 1300+ international delegates to the city. These international conference both boost inward investment in the city and also promote the city as a conference venue of choice.
The Web Summit:The Web Summit was held in Dublin in November 2015 (and indeed November 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011) and attracted 42,000 Technology entrepreneurs to the city. The majority of these attendees were overseas visitors, filling up hotel bed spaces in the city and boosting the city economy by an estimated €100 million. In just five years the event has grown from having just 400 attendees to being the largest Tech conference of its kind in Europe. Unfortunately Web Summit will relocate to Lisbon for 2016-2018 but International relations will strive to bring it back to Dublin in the near future.
The Festival of Curiosity is Dublin’s annual festival of science & culture taking place over 4 days each July. By Day, Dublin’s city centre is transformed into a curiosity filled hub with free day-time adventures in science, play and curious technology for all the family. By night, expect interactive performances, shows, debates and events that will play host to some of the most curious scientific minds of our time and are guaranteed to challenge and inspire even the most curious of minds. The Festival of Curiosity evolved from Dublin City of Science 2012, a year long celebration of science held in honour of Dublin winning the bid to host of the Euroscience Open Forum in July 2012 and attracts 40,000 from across the globe.
Open Innovation2.0: This global thought leadership conference was hosted at the Convention Centre Dublin on June 12th 2014. This conference brought together over 300 high-level decision makers and leading innovation experts from across the globe for this inspiring one day event, with the purpose of encouraging practical innovation adoption for the betterment of society as a whole. The inaugural Open Innovation 2.0 conference, held in Dublin in 2013, was such a success that demand for a second conference to harness the momentum generated was significant. The 2014 conference solidified and progressed the solutions agreed upon at the 2013 conference, and discussed new approaches in innovation adoption based on open business models.
At the 2015 Open Innovation2.0 conference in Espoo, Finland, Dublin City Council won an Open Innovation luminary award for it's dedication to advancing and promoting Open Innovation processes.
The Pendulum Summit is a daylong forum for discussion that was born from the premise that everyone from the successful business person to the aspiring academic strives for something more. The Summit is not for people who want an easy life; it is for people who want an exceptional life. It is an all-inclusive event, which is of interest to an individual just as much as it is to a team of corporate executives.
The 2015 event attracted over 1800 attendees to the Dublin Convention centre for a day of self development. Speakers on the day included Deepak Chopra, Keith Ferrazi, Jack Black, Debra Searle, Willie Walsh and Patrick Coveney, to name but a few.
Dublin welcomes the return of the Pendulum Summit on 8th January 2016.

Promotion of Dublin Globally

The International Relations Unit organises many global events in the city to promote Dublin as a Smart, Sustainable, Business oriented Global city.
The following are but a sample of recent undertakings...

Gathering of the Dublins

Did you know that there are 4 other cities named ‘Dublin’ around the world and a further 16 communities and towns? They vary in size, in history, in economy and in culture, but they all share a link to Dublin, Ireland. They were all called ‘Dublin’ because those who founded them came from or felt a connection to Dublin, Ireland.
With 2013 being the year of the Gathering, the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Naoise Ó MuirÍ, invited the civic and political leaders of the 21 cities and places, called ‘Dublin’, to come to Dublin, Ireland, to gather as his guests during the 2013 St Patricks Festival. The Lord Mayor of Dublin was delighted to welcome his fellow Dublin Mayors of California, Georgia, New Hampshire, Ohio and Pennsylvania. The five Dublin Mayors took in many of the city’s cultural sites over the weekend and took part in the St. Patricks Day Parade and festivities. Discussions around potential business and tourism links also took place.

Mexico - Dublin Business conference - EURGATE

A major Business Conference to attract key Mexican business people to come to Dublin was held in May 2014. The focus was on Dublin, the Gateway to the European Union. The working group included the IDA, Enterprise Ireland, DCU, the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Mexican Embassy. The Irish Embassy in Mexico hosted several events in Mexico to promote the conference. The focus of the conference was connecting companies in Dublin and Mexico in the areas of aviation leasing, financial services, legal services and education.

Key speakers at the conference included:

  • Joe Costello, Irish Minister for Trade & Development
  • Barry O’Leary, CEO, IDA – Ireland’s Inward Investment Promotion Agency
  • Ildefonso Guajardo Secretary for the Economy (Secretario de Economía),
  • Roberto Alcántara, Director Viva Aerobus and IAMSA Group
  • Martin Curley, Vice President of Intel Labs Europe
  • Anna Scally, Senior Global Partner, KPMG
  • Gary McGann, Group Chief Executive, Smurfit Kappa
  • Declan Ryan, Managing Partner, Irelandia Aviation
  • Francisco González, CEO, PRO-MEXICO

UNDP Global Conference of Cities Against Poverty

The conference attracted leaders from across the UN and the Developing World to address how technology could tackle poverty and exclusion. This event also emphasised Dublin’s role in respect of R &D and technology leadership. It attracted participation by global technology companies and higher Education R&D. It positioned Dublin as City that cares about balanced and sustainable global development. Using the combined power of the City and the UN within global media we succeeded in reaching an audience globally of over 25 million.

Promotion material and resources

In addition the International Relations Office promotes Dublin through the production of promotion material / brochures, by advertising in global publications and by producing videos highlighting the attractiveness of Dublin as a business, tourism and academic location. Below are some samples

  • Brochure promoting Dublin as Gateway to Europe
  • Article in CEOs today that goes to 4000 European CEOs.
  • Europe's Best location for doing business
  • Dublin - Your only choice
  • Article in Public Sector magazine Nov 2015
  • International Relations YouTube Channel