Being Transparent

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Dublin City Council has developed this Policy with Guidelines in recognition of the right of all employees to gender self-determination as enshrined by law in the Gender Recognition Act, 2015 and in equal recognition of our responsibility to help create an environment where employees who choose to be open about their gender identity can feel respected and supported at work.

The Policy and Guidelines:

  • outline the arrangements the Council will put in place to ensure the rights of our transgender employees are upheld;
  • outline the supports available to our transgender employees;
  • outline the protocols for employees who are in the process of transitioning their gender identity at work; and
  • provide advice and support to managers and work colleagues of transitioning employees.

The successful implementation of this Policy and Guidelines relies on the support of every employee. Those in management roles have a particular role to play in engaging positively with their employees on this issue in a way that is both respectful and co-operative.

Additional copies of the Policy are available on request from the Equality Office, Block 4, Floor 4, Wood Quay, Dublin 8 T. 2223136/2223051, E. If any employee should require the Policy to be made available to them in any alternative format please also contact this office.