Creative D

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Creative D / ECCE Innovation  2009- 2011

CreativeD was the first network designed specifically for a wide range of creative industries in Dublin. It was launched in October 2009 and brought over 90 Dublin-based creative businesses together to network, enhance their business skills, trade services, share knowledge, develop new product/service offerings through collaboration and create links with creative industries in the UK, France, Germany and The Netherlands. Creative D Logo

CreativeD members came from areas such as: advertising, architecture, crafts, cultural tourism, culinary arts, design, designer fashion, digital media, film, video and photography, publishing, software applications, computer games and electronic publishing, television and radio, and  music, visual, literary and performing arts. 

ECCE logoProgramme content included:

  • Idea generation to commercialisation
  • Identifying and pursuing new business opportunities
  • Accessing available funding
  • Developing and building on an innovation culture in your business
  • Effective pitching
  • Developing partnerships
  • Understanding support structures and Government policy

CreativeD was part of a wider European initiative called ECCE Innovation, which was co-financed by the Interreg IVB Programme. It sought to promote and develop new markets for small businesses and actors in the creative, artistic and cultural fields. Led by Nantes Métropole, ECCE innovation’s partners were Aachen, Cardiff, Dublin, Eindhoven, Stuttgart and Birmingham City University and the Yorkshire based CIDA Co.

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