Lord Mayor Paul McAuliffe Election Speech 7th June 2019

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I want to thank all those Councillors who have nominated me and voted for me tonight and those who I have worked with over the past ten years. Anyone who has spent time in this place knows that by working together we are often stronger.

The last two weeks since the election have also shown that many parties can come together to share their ideas, compromise with each other and ultimately put together an Agreement for Dublin City.

Ultimately Fianna Fáil, the Green Party, The Labour Party and the Social Democrats have come together to form a leadership group on this Council and I believe that together we have brought a progressive modern approach to many of the challenges which this city faces.

However we do not have the monopoly on ideas and you will see ideas in the Dublin Agreement which originated in the Sinn Féin proposal and from discussions with others.

It is an agreement where we seek to take strong leadership on this Council and work with the City officials as partners and as equal partners. There will be times when we will disagree with Management, with National Government but we will seek solutions in the same way we have over the past two weeks.

I want to thank the outgoing Lord Mayor of Dublin, Nial Ring. Whether you were in Croke Park or on a Park Run, the outgoing Lord Mayor has brought an energy and enthusiasm to the position and I intend to continue at that pace.  

To the outgoing Deputy Lord Mayor Cathleen Carney Boud, I want to acknowledge your time on this council and the work that you did at both a local level and representing this city.

Together you served Dublin with Pride and we thank you for it.

To all those elected to the chamber for the first time. Many of you will have your family here. I remember my first meeting. It is an amazing honour to be selected by your community, it is both a privilege and a responsibility.  Enjoy it, believe in your ability to change your community and contribute in this chamber to change your city.

Your family and supporters have given everything to ensure you are here tonight. I’d like to take a moment for all of us to thank those people who canvassed, posted and dropped leaflets.  They are the backbone of the democracy that we should never take for granted.

Amongst my team there was one man who has personified that for ten years. Jim Leonard has canvassed with me in the heat and the rain we have won and lost and had fun doing both. I know each of you have a Jim Leonard in your campaign team and long may people like him come forward to protect our democracy.

I want to thank My Mam and Dad who I know will be emotional tonight. It was their contribution to my community as a small business owner, as a playgroup coordinator, in summer projects and with local charities that taught me how important it was to work hard and play your part. They in turn had seen it with their parents, my grandparents who moved to Finglas when it was just a small village. They did so at a time when Ireland was penniless, yet they could start a family knowing they had affordable housing. It transformed their lives. 60 years ago and the generations my family since.

This council will again lead on public affordable housing for all. We will do it on our lands and we will do it as the lead developer. Housing is a social issue, but it is also an economic issue one. Our failure to tackle housing has damaged families and damaged the competitiveness of this city. The solutions must be delivered, and we will lead by example.

We will also take a lead on Climate Action. It was a key issue discussed by voters on the doorsteps. We now have a mandate and a demand from Dubliners to take action.

We will also lead on the issues of Illegal dumping, antisocial behaviour and open drug dealing through our relationships on the joint policing committee.

I look forward to joining those parties to the agreement next week in formally publishing the Dublin agreement and in placing it before this council for adoption. I want to see it as the work plan for each of our committees and I hope it will be included in the goals and actions in the Local Economic and Community Plan. The Dublin Agreement has a mandate and I invite the City officials to examine it and work with us to deliver it.

Finally, I want to speak personally about what this means to me. To be chosen to be Lord Mayor of Dublin City is a special honour. I feel a huge responsibility. With so little time to prepare I have to admit to being a little overwhelmed. But I promise you that the experience I have gained in this chamber and outside this chamber will be put to use. In the Gallery sits my wife my son and my daughter. But they have stood by me over the past decade. Millie was born on the first day I was elected this chamber. Hugh two years later. In the same way generations before me passed important values on to me, I hope to do the same to them but I know It has been and will be Ciara who has given them the values that make them such special people and that’s because she has been so special to me. Thank you to Ciara, thank you Councillors and Thank you Dublin.