Dublin City Coat of Arms

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Image of the Customs House

Dublin's coat-of-arms is the identifying emblem of the City of Dublin and has been in use in one form or another for at least 400 years. The full coat-of-arms shows three burning castles on a shield, flanked by two female figures.

One holds a scales depicting Justice (without the usual blindfold) - the other, a sword representing Law. Each holds an olive branch. Below the shield on a scroll is the motto of the city "Obedientia Civium Urbis Felicitas" which translates as "The Obedience of the citizens produces a happy city".     

The origin of the Coat of Arms is unknown, but there are numerous theories. Three of these include:

  • The castles are watch towers outside the city walls
  • The castle is Dublin Castle and is repeated 3 times because of the mystical significance of the number 3
  • The castles are not castles at all, but represent 3 gates into the ancient Viking city

Image of the City Logo