Election Postering

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In accordance with legislation posters will only be permitted on suitable lamp standards until 7 days after an election.

Any posters found to be in place at any time outside of the statutory timescale will result in the issuing of a fine of €150 per individual poster.

Excluded Areas

In April 2007, Dublin City Council adopted a Protocol for the erection of Temporary Posters/Notices on Dublin City Council property to advertise Public Meetings/Events. This Protocol prohibits the erection of posters on O’Connell Street, Grafton Street and Henry Street. A similar arrangement is in place for the General Election.

Safety Concerns

It has been our experience in previous elections that numerous complaints have been received from motorists and pedestrians in relation to safety issues associated with election posters. Our own staff have also raised a number of concerns. The main issues relate to the following:

  • Posters that are obscuring the visibility of traffic/pedestrian signals and traffic signs.  Many of the problems are caused by posters that are erected on poles adjacent to signals or signs
  • Posters that are below head height or resting on the ground. These posters can cause obstructions on footpaths and are particularly hazardous to the visually impaired
  • Protruding cable ties that are at a level that could cause injury to pedestrians, particularly children

Where Dublin City Council staff become aware of posters that are considered to be causing a hazard they will be removed and disposed.

Please note that our Customer Services Centre will handle complaints of any posters that are deemed to be causing a hazard to motorists or pedestrians and they are contactable on telephone number: 2221000 or email customerservices@dublincity.ie

The following guidelines may be helpful in ensuring that posters are not a hazard to the public:

  • Posters should be erected at a minimum height of 2.3 metres above footpaths, cycle tracks or any area to which pedestrians have access
  • Posters should not be erected on lamp standards with overhead line electricity feed, traffic signal poles, bridge parapets, overpasses, pedestrian bridges, or roadside traffic barriers
  • Posters should not obscure statutory road signs or traffic/pedestrian signals in any way
  • Posters should be securely fixed to poles with cable ties or similar material to facilitate removal without damage to the poles

Please note that cable ties be should be removed when the posters are being taken down.

For more information

If you have any queries in relation to these matters please contact Mr. Hugh Coughlan, Administrative Officer on 01 2222022 or email hugh.coughlan@dublincity.ie